Computer Recycling South London

Computer Recycling South LondonSince 1992 Buy IT Back have been providing companies throughout South London with specialist IT sourcing and recycling services.  We are well placed based in Essex to serve all companies through out London.  Buying back hardware from those operating in all types of sectors including business and retail sectors, government agencies and education institutions is what we do with an aim of accomplishing computer recycling.

The introduction of the Waste and Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) 2003 Directive makes disposing of computer hardware an essential element of a firms IT and environment strategy.   Where possible companies should try to recycle or re use all IT hardware and by using Buy IT Back’s services computer recycling becomes an easy task for companies.  Computer recycling services carried out by specialists at Buy IT Back ensures that your South London company is fully complying with the regulations that are in place surrounding computer disposal and ensures you are also obliging your social responsibilities.

We specialise in buying back all types of IT hardware that your company no longer needs.  Computer recycling and re selling IT products is our key priority and this could also result in a final payment back to yourselves helping to cover the costs of disposal, we will only carry out computer disposal as a last resort.  Selling your redundant IT hardware equipment to Buy IT Back ensures you are fully complying with the regulations put in place by the 2003 Directive.   We have specialists based in South London who will conduct the computer recycling for you and full certification will be provided for you to store in your company records.   To comply with security measures all company markings and labels will be removed from any IT equipment before it is resold.

To discuss your South London computer recycling requirements please call 01621 786860 today.