Nationwide UK Computer Recycling

As of August 2004 the disposal of electrical hardware has been subject to stringent regulations under the EU’s Waste and Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) 2003 Directive. All UK businesses will be responsible for ensuring that redundant IT equipment and electronics are re-used or recycled.

Constructing an environmental disposal strategy into IT purchasing is now essential for all businesses that wish to operate within the law. Buy IT Back provides a solution to the legal, environmental, social and cost issues of disposing redundant IT equipment responsibly.

We specialise in buying back redundant or unused IT hardware such as servers, printers, laptops, PC’s, monitors, networking and telecomms equipment.

Our service offers businesses the chance to maximise the return by reselling equipment and also ensure that all electronic equipment recycling conforms to agreed standards and is performed by authorised specialists and who provide certification for your company records.

To offset the collection, disposal and Blancco costs, we always try to re-sell/recycle equipment depending on the specification, condition and current market value, which then results in a final payment back to you. Disposal is always the last resort!

All company references including permanent security markings will be removed from equipment prior to resale.