Sell Used Servers

Are you looking for a solution for what to do with your old servers that is easy for you and good for the environment? Buy IT Back’s buy back program gives you the opportunity to sell your redundant servers for cash. We will take your old servers off your hands, whilst you get paid for it and then set about refurbishing your old equipment for renewed use.

In three easy steps we can take your obsolete server equipment off your hands:

  1. Visit our quote form to give an overview of the server equipment that you want to sell.
  2. We will evaluate your equipment within 48 hours and come back with either a cash offer or recycling options.
  3. We collect your outdated server equipment, whilst you get paid with the piece of mind that you’re doing your bit for the environment!

What type of Servers and Equipment do you buy?

At Buy IT Back we buy a variety of used servers and equipment including server units, server ram, server hard drives, EMC, Nett APPS , HDD storage arrays and backup tapes to name but a few. We are also interested in a variety of manufacturers including leading brands such as HP, Dell, IBM, Apple, Toshiba, Cisco and more.

So, What next?

If you are interested in selling your old servers instead of letting it go to the landfill then contact us on 01621 786860.