Buy IT Back Is 25 Years Old!

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2017 sees Buy IT Back celebrating it’s 25th year helping companies to safely and securely realise the value in their redundant IT hardware.

Established in 1992, Discovery Computer Services saw that there were numerous companies that were struggling to fund the cost of correctly disposing with their old IT hardware and telecoms equipment. With the introduction of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) this meant that along with the cost of upgrading their IT equipment, businesses were also faced with the mounting cost of ensuring that they disposed of their old equipment correctly.

So Buy IT Back was created to purchase a company’s old IT and telecoms hardware. The company would be given a realistic market value for their redundant equipment, all data would be securely deleted and then the equipment could be refurbished for resale or competently recycled. Through the sale of their old IT equipment the company could then fund an even bigger and better upgrade – and when the time came to dispose of that, they could just do it all over again!

Roger Martin, Managing Director, Buy IT Back

Roger Martin, Managing Director of Buy IT Back said;

“We are delighted to be celebrating our 25th birthday this year. Over the past 25 years we have seen huge changes to the IT world and believe that our level of experience, expertise and service are what makes us stand out as one of the most knowledgeable and professional Buy Back companies in the UK. Here’s to another 25 years!”


Buy IT Back’s head office is based in Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex, and with a further logistics centre in the North West they are ideally placed to provide IT buy back solutions right across the UK. Buy IT Back specialises in providing a buy back service for all types of IT and telecoms hardware including PC’s, Laptops, Monitors, Servers, Networking, EPOS and IP Telephones and more.

So if your company is looking to upgrade or dispose of any electronic hardware then contact Buy IT Back today. Not only will they take all of the hassle out of getting rid of your old equipment, but they could pay you for the privilege too!

Five Advantages of Recycling your Old Computer Hardware

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When scaling up your business or simply moving to a new hardware system, dealing with your redundant equipment can be a problem. You are required by law to ensure it is disposed of appropriately and one of the ways you can do this is through recycling. Recycling old computer hardware comes with many benefits and below are just five to consider:

Protect the Environment

Working with a recycling specialist means you can be sure your old computer hardware is being responsibly dealt with. Computing equipment has dangerous and hazardous materials such as carcinogens, lead and mercury. Knowing you’re working with a reliable recycling partner means they work to ensure these materials do not have a chance to enter the environment.

Sustain Limited Resources

The recycling process sees your old hardware disassembled in many cases. This means many of the partners of the equipment can be broken down to its raw state and used again to make new electronics. This minimises the need to mine for said resources and minimises the waste that comes from discarding perfectly usable metals and other materials.

Reutilising Old Resources

Just as mentioned above natural materials are not unlimited in supply. As old computer hardware is recycled, either in part or in full, it allows these resources to remain in use and not end up redundant and wasted. When resources are recycled there is less need for energy and money to be wasted and therefore an improvement in the benefit to the environment once more.

Delivers a Short-Term Capital Boost

Choosing a recycling partner like Buy IT Back means your old computer hardware is recycled for you but it also earns you a cash return. Your recycled goods won’t earn their initial cost but we fully assess your equipment and give you a fair price for its removal and recycling. You can use the capital to reinvest in your business or put it toward your new equipment or software choices.

Enjoy Long-Term Financial Benefit

If you are making the move onto online services such as server and storage space provided by a cloud technology provider then you will reap long term benefits of recycling your old hardware. You can opt for a flexible and scalable online service provider which allows you to enjoy a more cost-effective way of working. You also have the benefit of the additional space on your premises to use in new ways and more effectively for your business.

As a business you have a legal responsibility to ensure your old computer hardware and electronic equipment is disposed of responsibly. Choosing to recycle your old equipment is one of the best ways to do this.

Why you should move to the Cloud

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The whole infrastructure of the modern business has shifted since ‘Cloud’ became the norm but if you’re business has yet to move to Cloud technology for storage, server or other purposes what makes it such a good move? With new technologies, there is always the worry that it is just hype or the latest trend but cloud technology appears to be much more than this and is truly changing the way the world works. Cloud technology and storage options can replace the need for on-site servers and other equipment. Below are four reasons you should consider moving to the Cloud.

Increased User Control and Flexibility

Cloud technologies make it much easier for you to control how the infrastructure of your business works. IT departments no longer need to struggle with server downtime and failures which effect the whole scope of your business if the bulk of it is run off-site on a cloud server or servers.

Scale with Ease

If you need more storage space or a more expansive server with bigger capacity, it can involve significant investment if you’re still running from your own hardware on-site. With the Cloud everything is scalable and with the simple click of a button or calling your provider you can have your storage capacity or server expanded to meet the needs of your business as it grows. This also works the other way should you need to scale back.

Be Ahead of the Curve on New Trends

Trends such as Big Data, Mobile Services and other new technological developments have only been possible because of the Cloud. It is much harder to implement something such as Big Data without the Cloud in place. You can experiment with new technologies easily and cheaply using the cloud whereas it may require a full infrastructure replacement if you use on-site hardware.

Make Money back on your Old Equipment

When you decide it is time to move to the Cloud you can facilitate this move by making sure your old equipment isn’t just thrown away. You have a legal obligation to ensure it is dealt with in a responsible manner but if you choose to recycle it with a reputable company you can also get some cash back. Choosing to partner with a company like us allows us to provide a fair quote for your old hardware and take it away for responsible recycling. You will be paid a quoted amount for your hardware, have the additional space and some extra capital to put towards your new cloud infrastructure.

Contact us today to discuss server recycling, old PC recycling and any other IT equipment no longer in use in your business. We can provide a fair quote, pick up and recycle your equipment ASAP.

GDPR Still Relevant to the UK, despite Leaving the EU

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The UK made the decision to leave the European Union in June and this left many people wondering what this meant for the latest EU reforms and changes to data protection law. The General Data Protection Regulations which are due to be fully implemented by May 2018 will theoretically no longer apply to the United Kingdom but this doesn’t mean they can be ignored. This is what the UK Information Commissioner’s Office is saying and they are urging companies to continue their work towards any changes and improvements to their processes.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has released a statement after the UK’s decision to leave the EU. They have explained that the Data Protection Act will remain the law of the land but the GDPR will not be directly applicable. However, they further asserted that if the UK wishes to be able to trade with the single market on equal terms then they will need to deliver, in their own words, ‘adequacy’ which translates as the UK requiring data protection standards which equal those in the rest of Europe.

The ICO’s statement said: “With so many businesses and services operating across borders, international consistency around data protection laws and rights is crucial both to businesses and organisations and to consumers and citizens. The ICO’s role has always involved working closely with regulators in other countries, and that would continue to be the case.”

Many business owners have EU clients and to be able to continue to work with these clients, UK businesses need to deliver the same high level of data protection and security as the EU demands from its companies. The GDPR is applicable to all companies who work with EU clients and hold data of EU citizens so for many companies they will have to comply with the legislation, despite not being based in an EU member state. Most experts believe the UK will develop its own legislation which mirrors the expectations laid out in the GDPR and may even have the same level of penalties involved. This will ensure UK businesses remain on par with those in Europe and companies will European clients or offering their services to EU nationals, will not be shut out.

The right level of compliance is essential for all businesses who want to continue to work with EU businesses. Higher levels of data protection and security can only mean better things for business, ensuring a higher level of service is delivered to clients around Europe.

How can Buy IT Back help you become GDPR compliant?

For more information in how Buy IT Back can help you to become GDPR compliant please call us directly on 01621 786860 for some free advice.

Why Computer Recycling Will Benefit your Business

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Computer recycling should be part of every business’ policy when it’s time to upgrade to new equipment or old hardware becomes unusable. There are many reasons why you should ensure all old computer equipment is recycled:

  1. Computers are made with hazardous materials which can be damaging to human and environmental health if simply dumped
  2. You are legally obliged to dispose of your IT equipment appropriately
  3. A computer which is simply ‘dumped’ may sit in a landfill for over 100 years, with its hazardous substances becoming part of the environment
  4. Computer materials are easy to recover and recycle for new purposes

With these reasons and many more, recycling computers should be the first option your business goes for when looking for a way to get rid of old equipment.

However, there are further benefits too, including:

Peace of Mind

You don’t have to worry about complying with WEEE regulations and legislation if you partner with a reputable computer recycling company. They take the burden of responsibility and will ensure your old equipment is handled responsibly and recycled in a manner which is fully WEEE compliant.

Improved Business Reputation

If you want to publicly announce that you are an eco-friendly company, then you may take the opportunity to share your decision to recycle old equipment. It may help improve your reputation and may also help build customer loyalty, as you are a company who can be seen to acting responsibly at all times.

Meet Legal Obligations

It has already been mentioned but as a business you are obliged to deal with your waste electronic equipment in a compliant and environmentally conscious way. You have to abide by the legislation laid out and many businesses choose to do this by not recycling at all and keeping their old equipment, but that can result in a waste of space and storage costs.

Financial Gain

Your old computer equipment may not have much value to your business any more but it doesn’t mean it is worthless. When you partner with Buy IT Back you will receive a price for your equipment. Your equipment will be fully assessed and you will receive a quote which you can accept or reject. If you choose to have your equipment recycled with us, then it will be picked up and you will receive the quoted fee. Your equipment will be responsibly recycled and you have the cash injection to use how you wish in your business.

Computer recycling is a highly effective way of ensuring you’re complying with all legislation and with Buy IT Back you benefit from a cash return too.

What should you do with Old Server Hardware?

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When it is time to upgrade your servers or you have made the decision to move onto the cloud to save space and boost efficiency, what do you do with your old server equipment? There are a number of options available to you and the one you choose may depend upon the situation you are in.

Refurbishing Servers

You may choose to make do and mend with your old server hardware. This is probably only possible if you have a strong technical in-house team or you could choose to have your servers professional refurbished. The issues with refurbishment come with how much can be done and whether you are just better off investing in new equipment or making that switch to cloud-based options. Refurbishing your old servers in-house or with the help of an expert will extend their life but how viable is it for your business? Just how old is that server and how much more time will the refurbishment give you? As a rule, refurbishment and upgrade is not a cost effective option. You may find it needs regular repairs and further upgrades and you end up spending much more than the server is worth.

Re-purposing Servers

In some businesses it is possible to repurpose older servers as resource centres within a virtual server pool. They can be used without consuming too much power and they can take on a part of the workload without being relied upon for the whole server capacity. Repurposed servers are also often used as part of a network for emergency and disaster recovery situations. In this instance the old server remains active as a virtual server host if a recovery is required and it holds only the most essential applications. It means the server can run at a lower level than main servers and still perform a purpose. It’s a great option if you have the technical know-how but it can be a complex technical process and it really does depend on the state of your old server equipment.

Recycling Servers

The final option is to recycle your old server equipment. This means you’re accepting it is time to dispose of the equipment and recycling ensures you are doing so following WEEE regulations. Working with a reliable recycling partner like Buy IT Back ensures your server is handled effectively and it will be recycled in a way which complies with WEEE regulations. The recycling process will ensure that your server is either sold on and reused in another business or it is broken down and its parts are ethically recycled and reused.

When you choose to recycle your old servers when Buy IT Back you will be paid for your old equipment and we will collect it and ensure it is recycled responsibly.

Environmental Benefits of Recycling your Old Computer Hardware

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You have legal requirements when it comes to recycling your old computer hardware but you can also feel confident that you’re not damaging the environment if you choose a professional recycling company. There are many risks that your computer hardware cause to the environment if they are just dumped so it is important to dispose of all your old equipment ethically.

Damage caused by Improperly Disposed of E-Waste

The following things can be the result of not disposing of your old computer hardware in a safe and responsible way:

  • Pollution: waste technology can pollute both the air and the water
  • Hazardous Materials: waste hardware contains many hazardous chemicals which is left out to cause damage and contamination if not disposed of properly
  • Damaged eco-system: e-waste left on landfills or tips can contaminate the surrounding area and prove poisonous to local wildlife and plants, therefore disrupting the natural life cycle of many different species

Benefits of Recycling your Old Computer Hardware

Below are some of the ways the environment will benefit from your choice to recycle old computer equipment rather than dispose of it in another way:

Conserve Natural Resources

Choosing to recycle means the materials within your old computer hardware are being reused and therefore there is less need to dedicate new resources to creating new equipment. Many of the components within your old hardware can be reused in the production of other equipment.

Protect the Environment

By choosing to recycle your computer and other hardware you are ensuring that none of your old equipment is at risk of contaminating the environment, causing damage to the land or polluting water supplies. Your equipment will be handled ethically and disposed of in a way which ensures none of its components end up landfills.

Protect Public Health

As mentioned there are many hazardous materials within electronic equipment, including your old computers, servers and other office hardware. Reusing and recycling this hardware ensures these hazardous materials, such as lead and mercury, are not released into the environment and don’t pose a threat to other people. This is also a reason not to hoard or keep hold of old, unused hardware as it is can disintegrate over time and become risky, especially when there are batteries and circuit boards within.

Choosing to recycling your computer equipment ensures you are keeping the environment in mind and recycling with Buy IT Back also ensures that you get paid for your equipment and you can have peace of mind that your equipment has been ethically handled.

Selling your old iPad

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New iPads are released relatively regularly and if you are the type of person who likes to have the latest tech and for both work and leisure purposes likes to be up to date that it’s understandable you may want to get rid of your old iPad before investing into a new one. Selling your old iPad can be extremely straightforward and if you choose to sell to a reputable company who will ethically resell or recycle your product you can have peace of mind as well as some extra cash to spend on the latest Apple release.

Recycling your old electronics allows you to generate more cash for newer models or to spend however you wish. When it comes to iPads older models are still very popular and in most instances they can be sold on but even if an old iPad isn’t working as well as it should it can be recycled for parts and every element can be ethically and responsibly recycled, with a fee paid to you for the privilege.

Electronics like iPads cannot be simply thrown away, even when broken and they need to be disposed of responsibly and properly recycled. From a business perspective if your old iPad is used for work and if perhaps you have more than one iPad to recycle you are bound by the WEEE legislation in the EU to recycle your old equipment responsibly and the best way to do this is to work with a recognised electronics recycling company such as Buy IT Back

Recycle your old iPad with Buy IT Back

Buy IT Back is a specialist in IT and electronics recycling and this includes all Apple products. If you’re looking to sell your old iPad or any other Apple product, then we can help and we can provide a transparent quote which will tell you exactly how much you can expect back in cash for your old equipment. If you have multiple iPads or Apple products we can put together a quote for your full inventory and ensure you get a competitive price for your Apple equipment.

Once we have provided our quote we can come and collect your old iPad and any other equipment and provide you with the cash agreed for the sale. We specialise in working with all kinds of reputable brands including Apple and we deliver a service which ensures you get a fair return for your old equipment and the cash is yours to spend as you wish on new technology or in any other way you choose.

Selling your old iPad could not be simpler than with Buy IT Back and we guarantee responsible recycling and reselling so you can have complete peace of mind.


What happens to my Old IT Equipment when it’s Recycled?

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As a business owner it is essential that you responsibly recycle your old IT equipment when upgrading or when it no longer works click this over here now. You are bound by both UK and European laws to dispose of your old equipment appropriately but what actually happens when you do this? Working with a reputable IT recycling partner a number means a number of things may happen to your old equipment but in all instances you will receive a fee for your goods, which you can put back into your hosting no ads

When you recycle your old IT equipment you may want to know what happens next and it could be a number of things including:

  • Reselling to new users
  • Breaking it down into parts for full recycling
  • Regenerated to be sold on

In all these instances the equipment is assessed and decisions are made about the best use for it, as some equipment is beyond the point of good use and other types may be too damaged and impossible to be resold or regenerated. IT hardware regeneration is a process where your equipment is brought back up to scratch so it can be sold on to new buyers looking for exactly what you no longer needed.

IT Hardware Regeneration for your Business

IT hardware regeneration is a specialist service offered alongside IT recycling which gives your old equipment a chance to be useful once again for a new company or user. From your perspective you simply hand it over as usual and it is down to your chosen IT recycling partner to decide what to do with the equipment – with your fee remaining the same in every instance.

When hardware can be regenerated then it is fine-tuned and brought back to its best so it can then be resold to companies looking for what you no longer needed. It could be you’ve made the move to the cloud whilst another business is still looking for functional server hardware or it could be you’ve made the switch back from Apple to PC and your old Apple Mac equipment is still in good condition but no use to your business anymore. In all these instances you can pick up some cash back for recycling your equipment, rather than keeping it in storage or doing nothing at all with it. The one thing you can’t do is simply dispose of your old equipment via landfill or regular waste disposal as this is against WEEE regulations.

Buy IT Back specialise in buying old IT equipment and then selling it on, either whole or for parts. We offer IT hardware regeneration services which allow equipment to be reused rather than simply broken up and we can help you handle your old equipment responsibly and in-line with legal guidelines if you simply get in touch today.

Selling your Apple MacBook

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Whether you’ve made the decision to upgrade to the next model or are simply moving on from your Apple MacBook, it makes sense to sell it responsibly and make some cash back on your sale, rather than just leaving it to the landfill. It is also important to remember that since 2007, waste electronic and electrical equipment is not allowed to be simply taken to the dump, instead you need to dispose of your old Apple MacBook responsibly, through resale or recycling.

Choosing to sell Apple MacBooks that you may no longer need or are no longer in use means you can generate a little extra cash as well as have the space you need for your new computer.

Apple are renowned for their speedy and regular product upgrades so it’s completely understandable you want the latest piece of kit as soon as its launched and when selling a MacBook you can enjoy the benefits of the cash return.

Recycling Apple MacBooks

Recycling your Apple MacBook could mean that it is resold as is (with your data erased of course) and put to use by a new user or it could, depending on its condition and age, be broken down into smaller parts and recycled for a number of different purposes. Using a reputable recycling and reselling company ensures you are in line with government and EU guidelines and also gives you the peace of mind to know you’re getting the right price for your product – choosing to sell via an auction website or classified adverts can result all kinds of issues which simply don’t come up when you choose to work with a company who specialise in buying and selling Apple MacBooks and related products.

Getting cash for used Apple MacBook and other Apple accessories is a great way of ensuring you’re ready for your next product and you have got the full value from your old MacBook before moving on.

We Buy Old Apple MacBooks

At Buy IT Back we are interested in your old Apple MacBook and other Apple equipment. As a recognised and reputable reseller and recycler of used IT equipment you can be sure you are dealing with a company who practice corporate social responsibility and are providing a service completely in line with legal requirements. We buy used Apple MacBooks and then resell them where possible, or recycle them using other means.

If you would like to discuss selling Apple MacBook products and other Apple equipment with us, please fill in our quote form.

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