Sell Your Old Mac Mini

Businesses need to frequently adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs, to remain competitive and be successful. As a result, businesses often undertake audits of their IT departments and associated equipment.

Many companies want to upgrade their IT equipment to take advantage of technological advances or to downsize operations to release physical office space or cash. Or on a personal level, you may simply want to upgrade your old Mac Mini to stay ahead of the crowd.

Helping the environment

Whatever the reason, discarded computer equipment needs to be disposed of in a safe and controlled manner to minimise the effect on the environment. At Buy IT Back we offer a professional and comprehensive service based upon 25 years’ experience, to effectively dispose of your redundant hardware, and what’s more we’ll give you some money in return.

By recycling your old equipment you’re preventing potentially hazardous waste from entering landfill and causing soil and water contamination. And don’t forget, parts of the kit can be re-purposed to make new equipment, while reducing the impact on our Earth’s resources.

Secure disposal

Another key consideration is security. We want to protect your unwanted confidential data from unauthorised use from third parties and minimise the risk to your business. We offer a range of distinctive services to ensure your data is handled to suit your company policy, and can provide on-site or off-site data shredding based upon your requirements.

We provide HMG Infosec 5 hard disk drive (HDD) shredding with full certification to ensure your business remains compliant with the relevant legislation. Crucially, this is the data destruction standard used by the UK government and known officially as the Enhanced Standard.

Our comprehensive service provides you with complete traceability of assets, security of data and documented proof for legal compliance.

How does it work?

We want to make the process easy for you, so in just three simple steps we can take your old Mac Minis off your hands:

  1. Complete our quote form providing an overview of the Mac Minis you would like to sell.
  2. Our team will then evaluate your equipment within 48 hours and respond with either a cashback offer or more information on your recycling options.
  3. We then collect your old Mac Minis and give you some money in return.

Contact us now via email or ring 01621 786860 for further information and to receive a free quote to recycle your old Mac Minis.