IT Recycling Hemel Hempstead

Buy IT Back are specialists in buying back all types of computer hardware equipment including servers , PC’s, laptops, networking and telecommunications products, printers and so on. We have twenty years experience in the IT sourcing and recycling industry.  We were established in 1992 are one of the leading IT recycling companies in Hemel Hempstead and throughout the UK.  We aim to provide a total buy back service to any company that has IT recycling needs in Hemel Hempstead including collection, data deletion and disposal for the IT hardware equipment that you no longer need.

As a result of stringent guidelines that have been put in place in 2004 following the EU’s Waste and Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, all UK businesses are responsible for ensuring that all redundant IT hardware is re-used, recycled or disposed of properly.  A key component in a company’s IT purchasing plan should be a disposal strategy that is environmentally friendly.  Buy IT Back IT recycling services enables you to meet your legal, social and environmental responsibilities effectively.

We aim to help you achieve maximum returns on your IT investments by re-selling or recycling your redundant IT equipment which depends on the condition, specification and market value of your IT hardware products.  This could result in your receiving a final payment and can help to offset the disposal costs.  Buy IT Back have specialists in Hemel Hempstead that can complete your IT recycling for you and as a result you will receive the correct certification for your company records.

Call us on 01621 786860 to go through your IT Recycling Hemel Hempstead requirements.