Councils Offered Cash for WEEE

By January 22, 2015Computer Recycling

The WEEE Distributor Takeback Scheme (DTS) has launched a new stage of its long term project fund for local authorities and is making £700,000 worth of funding available in total. The fund is being provided by selected electrical retailers who have made contributions to the DTS due to their obligations as part of the WEEE movie Marito e moglie 2017 now

As a business owner this isn’t something you have to worry about but it’s always interesting to see a renewed interest in WEEE and related areas in the news, as it makes more people aware of their obligations and highlights how valuable services such as what we offer at Buy IT Back are.

The WEEE Regulations are complex collection of laws and legislation which can be difficult to pick your way through when you have a business to run so by using a service such as ours not only do you have a partner who ensures your waste will be disposed of legally and responsibly, you’ll get some cash for your trouble too, to the value of the products we take away.

Innovation and Creation with WEEE

The DTS are inviting proposals from local authorities and their partner organisations across the UK. These proposals should show new ideas, innovation and creative plans for driving up the reuse of what is classified as WEEE in their area, including the practical use of whole appliances as well as effective ways to increase the recycling rates in their area. The deadlines for councils is at the end of February and it will be interesting to see what they come up with in their plans and to hear how the funding is distributed.

WEEE and your Business

Buy IT Back focus on businesses who need a reliable and trustworthy IT recycling partner. We specialise in office equipment which you may no longer use or have upgraded from or simply need to get rid of. Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading we can make a full assessment of the equipment you have to recycle, which could include a range of things from desktop PCs to tablets, laptops and larger equipment such as scanners, printers and server hardware. Our assessments will give you a price for your equipment and then we can move forward and ensure a hassle-free service is delivered.

The WEEE Distributor Takeback Scheme has a key role in ensuring more businesses and domestic homes are able to recycle their WEEE and this next stage of funding is a step forward for the awareness and proper disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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