Environmental Benefits of Recycling your Old Computer Hardware

By March 29, 2016Computer Recycling

You have legal requirements when it comes to recycling your old computer hardware but you can also feel confident that you’re not damaging the environment if you choose a professional recycling company. There are many risks that your computer hardware cause to the environment if they are just dumped so it is important to dispose of all your old equipment ethically.

Damage caused by Improperly Disposed of E-Waste

The following things can be the result of not disposing of your old computer hardware in a safe and responsible way:

  • Pollution: waste technology can pollute both the air and the water
  • Hazardous Materials: waste hardware contains many hazardous chemicals which is left out to cause damage and contamination if not disposed of properly
  • Damaged eco-system: e-waste left on landfills or tips can contaminate the surrounding area and prove poisonous to local wildlife and plants, therefore disrupting the natural life cycle of many different species

Benefits of Recycling your Old Computer Hardware

Below are some of the ways the environment will benefit from your choice to recycle old computer equipment rather than dispose of it in another way:

Conserve Natural Resources

Choosing to recycle means the materials within your old computer hardware are being reused and therefore there is less need to dedicate new resources to creating new equipment. Many of the components within your old hardware can be reused in the production of other equipment.

Protect the Environment

By choosing to recycle your computer and other hardware you are ensuring that none of your old equipment is at risk of contaminating the environment, causing damage to the land or polluting water supplies. Your equipment will be handled ethically and disposed of in a way which ensures none of its components end up landfills.

Protect Public Health

As mentioned there are many hazardous materials within electronic equipment, including your old computers, servers and other office hardware. Reusing and recycling this hardware ensures these hazardous materials, such as lead and mercury, are not released into the environment and don’t pose a threat to other people. This is also a reason not to hoard or keep hold of old, unused hardware as it is can disintegrate over time and become risky, especially when there are batteries and circuit boards within.

Choosing to recycling your computer equipment ensures you are keeping the environment in mind and recycling with Buy IT Back also ensures that you get paid for your equipment and you can have peace of mind that your equipment has been ethically handled.

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