Five Advantages of Recycling your Old Computer Hardware

By June 12, 2017Uncategorized

When scaling up your business or simply moving to a new hardware system, dealing with your redundant equipment can be a problem. You are required by law to ensure it is disposed of appropriately and one of the ways you can do this is through recycling. Recycling old computer hardware comes with many benefits and below are just five to consider:

Protect the Environment

Working with a recycling specialist means you can be sure your old computer hardware is being responsibly dealt with. Computing equipment has dangerous and hazardous materials such as carcinogens, lead and mercury. Knowing you’re working with a reliable recycling partner means they work to ensure these materials do not have a chance to enter the environment.

Sustain Limited Resources

The recycling process sees your old hardware disassembled in many cases. This means many of the partners of the equipment can be broken down to its raw state and used again to make new electronics. This minimises the need to mine for said resources and minimises the waste that comes from discarding perfectly usable metals and other materials.

Reutilising Old Resources

Just as mentioned above natural materials are not unlimited in supply. As old computer hardware is recycled, either in part or in full, it allows these resources to remain in use and not end up redundant and wasted. When resources are recycled there is less need for energy and money to be wasted and therefore an improvement in the benefit to the environment once more.

Delivers a Short-Term Capital Boost

Choosing a recycling partner like Buy IT Back means your old computer hardware is recycled for you but it also earns you a cash return. Your recycled goods won’t earn their initial cost but we fully assess your equipment and give you a fair price for its removal and recycling. You can use the capital to reinvest in your business or put it toward your new equipment or software choices.

Enjoy Long-Term Financial Benefit

If you are making the move onto online services such as server and storage space provided by a cloud technology provider then you will reap long term benefits of recycling your old hardware. You can opt for a flexible and scalable online service provider which allows you to enjoy a more cost-effective way of working. You also have the benefit of the additional space on your premises to use in new ways and more effectively for your business.

As a business you have a legal responsibility to ensure your old computer hardware and electronic equipment is disposed of responsibly. Choosing to recycle your old equipment is one of the best ways to do this.

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