Golden Rules of IT Recycling

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There is a huge risk of damaging your company’s reputation if you don’t use the right IT recycling company. The security of your data is integral to the success of your business and the chance of it getting into the wrong hands is one that must be avoided. With the wrong IT recycling company you may find that your data isn’t securely disposed of and who knows where it may lead. Below are three golden rules to keep in mind when choosing your IT recycling company.

1. Get to know them

It is important you get to know your chosen recycling company. The IT recycling London companies and those around the UK have to choose from is extensive so building up a good professional relationship is important. You want to choose a company who have a strong track record and are dedicated to the industry. You also want to be sure they have expertise in data security and use powerful data erasure software. Without these elements you may not be able to trust the company fully and ensure they will be able to handle your old equipment safely and securely.

2. Check out those ‘too good to be trues’

If something sounds too good to be true it nearly always is. Electronic recycling companies are growing in number and many of these companies don’t have the experience necessary to handle business clients. They may also not have the right permits in place to ensure they are going to handle your waste electronics legally within EU WEEE guidelines. Opting for a service because they perhaps were the first who turned up on your doorstep or happen to be closest to your premises is not the wisest decision. Companies like Buy IT Back pay you for the privilege of taking your equipment and do so with a rich history in the sector.

3. Formalise Proceedings

If you want to work with an IT recycling company on a long term basis then make it official. Many companies will be keen to stay as your chosen recycler for the long term and perhaps drawing up a simple contract between your company and the chosen recycler will help the agreement feel more complete. The more formal and professional you keep proceedings the higher the chance that your new business partner will stick to their side of the agreement.

The golden rules of computer recycling should be kept in mind when you’re planning to recycle your old office equipment responsibly. Working with an experienced partner for your IT recycling needs means that you can be safe in the knowledge that it’s being handled properly.

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