How To Make Moving Offices Pay

By April 4, 2019Computer Recycling

Moving offices is usually a very exciting (if not slightly stressful!) time. New premises often mean that the organisation is doing well and having to move to bigger or more prestigious premises, or that you are exploring a new market, or new challenge.

But as we have said, moving offices can also be incredibly stressful. Having to pack up everything (without losing it!), make sure that all of your staff are happy with the new location and deal with all of the admin of changing address and potentially phone numbers, along with negotiating new services contracts, can be very difficult for any organisation to cope with.

Along with all of that, moving offices can also be incredibly expensive. Never mind the expense of the new offices themselves, but there are also redecorating costs, the cost of buying the inevitable new furniture when you discover that your existing furniture doesn’t fit, not to mention the actual cost of hiring a removal company to physically shift all of the stuff.

It is therefore not surprising that many companies choose to upgrade their IT and telecoms equipment whilst moving. Not only does it get it all over with in amongst everything else, but it saves the expense of having to move old and potentially outdated equipment, only to have to upgrade it all within a year or two anyway.

So what are your options when upgrading?

One option is to contact your equipment’s manufacturer about getting an upgrade. This is often the first option that many organisations reach for as it seems the simplest, and often the only, option open to them.

However this is not always a great idea. Going down of the route of a manufacturer upgrade can mean that:

  • Your options are more limited – as you will only be offered a choice from that single manufacturer’s range
  • Expensive – a manufacturer upgrade will usually involve you having to pay for the new item, along with a removal/recycling charge to get rid of your old equipment
  • Is it really what you need? – an upgrade can make sense if you simply want a piece of equipment that does exactly the same as your current one, but is newer. But by doing this you are closing the door to potentially new and improved technology that you maybe didn’t even know that you needed!

What about a specialist computer recycling company?

Buy IT Back is one of the oldest and most respected specialist computer recycling companies in the UK, with nearly 30 years of business under our belts. And not only do we recycle computers, but we can also recycle your printers, servers, monitors, and all other types of IT and telecoms equipment.

There are a number of reasons why choosing a specialist computer recycling company such as Buy IT Back is a good idea:

    1. You know that your equipment is being treated in an ecologically respectful manner – Rather than simply being dumped into landfill, we are able to refurbish many of the components of your redundant IT and telecoms equipment and thus give them a new lease of life. If the equipment is beyond refurbishment then we are also incredibly knowledgeable regarding the safest and most effective ways of recycling the component parts of electronic equipment, ensuring that we are fully compliant with the WEEE Directive.
    2. We can pay you! – due to our ability to sell on refurbished equipment we are able to pay you a fair market price for the equipment that is simply making your office move harder. This can not only help make your office move less expensive but can also allow you to offset the cost of the equipment that you are planning on furnishing your new offices with.



So to find out more about how Buy IT Back’s Buy Back service can make your office move both easier and cheaper, contact us today.

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