How to Recycle Old Printers for Cash

By January 28, 2014Printer Recycling

In recent times the need for hard copy printing has decreased significantly, as businesses adapt to more cost effective and efficient digital methods. A growing volume of data is now collected and processed electronically, which reduces the volume of hardcopy printouts. Plus, printers themselves are changing as the workplace sees the increase of multi-function devices which can incorporate the functionalities of a printer, scanner, fax and photocopier – all in one machine!

So, whether you’re upgrading your kit or simply need new printers for your business, speak to our team at Buy IT Back. We recognise that getting some money in return for your old device can help offset the costs of any new purchases too. Our team of experts can talk you through the process and simply demonstrate that recycling your old printers is easier than you think.

Helping the environment

By employing Buy IT Back to recycle your old and unwanted printers, you’re employing a trusted partner to ensure you adhere to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. This means we’ll guarantee your IT equipment will be disposed of in a safe and secure manner, as outlined in the WEEE legislation.

You’re also helping the environment by preventing potentially hazardous waste from entering landfill which could be dangerous to our health and the environment. We will also assess whether certain components can be repurposed for use in other models, which helps promote sustainability to reduce the future impact on our Earth’s resources.

Secure data removal

Printers can store each document printed or photocopied in their memory, which could include confidential and sensitive data. We want to prevent your unwanted data from unauthorised use by third parties and minimise the risk to your business. Our data and shredding services adhere to the HMG Infosec5 Enhanced Standard and above, giving you peace of mind for your business.

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Contact one of our friendly experts today, either via the phone on 01621 786860 or email us to find out how you can make some cash back on your old printers, whilst also knowing that they’re being used in an ethical and eco-friendly way.

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