Keep Your Business Green in 2015

There are many ways in which you can make your business eco-friendly and keep corporate social responsibility at the heart of everything you do. With a new year already well under way what are you doing to keep your business green in 2015? Here are some tips to consider adding to your business’ green strategy.

Write a Green Policy

One way to really show your business’ commitment to green ethics and sustainability is to have a set-in-stone green policy, which you either get your employees to sign or at least distribute copies of. It could be very basic and simply state your commitment to environmental conscientiousness or it could be that you lay out the rules from turning off equipment after use or recommendations for car sharing and bicycle schemes you may have setup. The idea of a green policy is simply to give your employees, new and existing, a clear and defined message that this commitment to eco-conscious behaviour is long term and a central aspect of your business’ ethos.

Switch to Greener Cleaning Products

Even your office needs cleaning regularly and rather than opting for traditional toxic cleaning products, why not opt for greener alternatives? Many cleaning companies now offer eco-friendly and natural cleaning products and though there may be a slight increase in cost the benefits to your health, reduction in allergic reactions and a healthier working environment, as well as planet, are worth it.

Trade with Green Partners

Opting for green vendors to work alongside your business furthers your commitment to eco-friendly and environmental conscientiousness beyond the walls of your offices. Look into the companies you work with and when looking for new partners, choose companies who have a dedicated commitment to sustainability and the same kind of outlook as you’re developing for your company. Consider working with energy efficient vehicle manufacturers for your company cars for example.

Keep Recycling your IT

Having a dedicated IT recycling partner means your business can always ensure old equipment is responsibly handled and this goes beyond just PCs and monitors. Buy IT Back offer extensive IT recycling services including server recycling, printers and scanners.

Our service is designed to ensure your office has a reliable partner who not only recycles your old equipment according to government guidelines, also buys it from you rather than simply taking it off your hands, ensuring your recoup some capital from the replacement of equipment in your workplace.

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