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Can You Recycle Apple Computers?

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There seems to be a never ending battle in the Buy IT Back office about Apple vs Microsoft (or Android) tech. The trendy designer types amongst us simply love their Mac’s, whereas anyone who wasn’t born with an inbuilt knowledge of InDesign tend to love their Microsoft or Google products.

But whatever you preference, there is often the same issue to overcome when it’s time to upgrade to the latest product – what do you do with your old Apple equipment? Can you recycle old Apple computers?

Apple themselves offer a Trade-In scheme which promises that you can trade in your eligible product for credit off your next purchase, or an Apple gift card. However, the key word here is ‘eligible’. According to their website you could get up to £610 for a MacBook Pro, but one would imagine that this may only be possible for a MacBook that you bought one day, didn’t even take out of the box and then traded in the day after! Although we haven’t tested this premise and so can’t say for sure 🙂

Apple will also offer to recycle any of their products that aren’t eligible for trade-in for free, which is certainly better than them ending up on landfill. However is this really the best option for you, if you are looking to recycle your old Apple tech?

Here at Buy IT Back we are completely committed to ensuring that as little unwanted IT equipment goes to landfill as possible, and so if Apple’s official trade-in or recycling scheme is the right choice for you then that’s great. However, especially with older equipment or that which is broken or not running correctly, it might just be worth giving us a shout before you go down the official Apple route. 

In many cases Buy IT Back are able to offer you a higher price through our buy back scheme than you would get from Apple, and we can also help you to recycle any other unwanted IT or telecoms equipment too.

So next time you are looking to recycle Apple computers or other tech, contact Buy IT Back and see just how much your unwanted Apple equipment could be worth.

What Should You Do With Your Old Apple Tech?

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Knowing how to dispose of any old tech or electronic equipment is tricky. With the ever increasing speed that tech goes out of date and the average shelf life for a mobile phone being 2 years at the most, finding an environmentally sound disposal method can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Take the iPod for example. Once upon a time these were the must have bit of kit. Gone were the days of walkmans and spending hours downloading CD’s onto a clunky mp3 player. Now you had a sleek and shiny little device that went everywhere with you, the revolving selection button allowing you to whizz through all of your music in seconds. 

But then came the rise of the smartphone (do you remember the excitement when the first iPhone came out?!) and down went the popularity of the iPod. And then in 2017 Apple stopped making iPods all together. So what should you do with your old Apple tech, especially iPods?

There are plenty of articles online coming up with all sorts of ideas for ways to keep your iPod in use. How about… 

  • Using it as a dedicated music repository for your car? Obviously this won’t work for any music that you stream but you’ll be able to listen to your old downloaded music to your heart’s content without having to go through the bother of plugging in your phone. But really, how difficult is it just to bluetooth music from your phone?
  • If you have an old iPod touch you can use it as a video baby monitor or home surveillance camera. Plug it into a dock and a simple app will allow you to use it for this.
  • Enable disk mode and use it a portable hard drive. Or you could just get a 10 bizillion Gb pen drive and use that!

But really, we know that these ideas are pretty tenuous and the likelihood of you actually using them is fairly remote. So what should you do with your old Apple tech, whether it’s an iPod, iPad or Macbook?

Here at Buy IT Back we are specialists in recycling Apple equipment, especially when working in bulk with businesses or other organisations. In many cases we are able to recondition and resell Apple equipment to charities, start-ups or businesses in economically developing nations. And if for any reason we are unable to repurpose your unwanted Apple technology, we work with specialist recycling companies who are able to strip each piece of equipment down to its component parts and recycle these separately to the highest possible environmental standards.

And the best thing… we can pay you for the pleasure of doing so! So if you are a business looking to find a responsible yet profitable way to get rid of your old Apple tech, contact Buy IT Back today.

Why You Should Recycle Your Old Apple Tech

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Recycling is a hot topic at the moment. Recent press articles and TV programmes such as the BBC’s Blue Planet have highlighted the huge negative impact waste has on our environment.

Crucially, just a few small changes can make a big difference, such as recycling. It’s important to make our environment a cleaner place, conserving materials, saving energy and reducing the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

Companies can play a key role in helping to reduce environmental damage by recycling their old IT kit, such as Apple equipment.

Help the environment

Many parts of your old Apple kit can be re-purposed to make new equipment. Often producing recycled materials requires less energy than the manufacture of new equipment. Recycling also conserves energy by reducing the need for transportation of raw materials, which also decreases greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle emissions during shipping.

Another important consideration is the safe disposal of the old equipment. At Buy IT Back, we ensure your old Apple equipment is disposed of in a safe and controlled manner. Our expertise gives you peace of mind that you are preventing potentially hazardous waste from entering landfill, which could damage plant and animal life with soil and water contamination.

Cashback for your business

We want to make the process easy for you and give you the opportunity to earn some money, while also securely recycling your old equipment in an environmentally friendly way.

Your equipment will be fully assessed by our professional team who will then provide you with a free competitive quote for its disposal and recycling. Plus, our cashback offer can provide a financial boost to aid your business.

What Apple equipment do we buy?

We are interested in a wide variety of Apple equipment including old MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Minis and iPhones. Please feel free to contact us if your equipment doesn’t appear on this list, as our team of experts will be more than happy to discuss the options.

Contact our friendly team via email or ring 01621 786860 for further information and to receive a free quote to recycle your old Apple equipment.



Selling your old iPad

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New iPads are released relatively regularly and if you are the type of person who likes to have the latest tech and for both work and leisure purposes likes to be up to date that it’s understandable you may want to get rid of your old iPad before investing into a new one. Selling your old iPad can be extremely straightforward and if you choose to sell to a reputable company who will ethically resell or recycle your product you can have peace of mind as well as some extra cash to spend on the latest Apple release.

Recycling your old electronics allows you to generate more cash for newer models or to spend however you wish. When it comes to iPads older models are still very popular and in most instances they can be sold on but even if an old iPad isn’t working as well as it should it can be recycled for parts and every element can be ethically and responsibly recycled, with a fee paid to you for the privilege.

Electronics like iPads cannot be simply thrown away, even when broken and they need to be disposed of responsibly and properly recycled. From a business perspective if your old iPad is used for work and if perhaps you have more than one iPad to recycle you are bound by the WEEE legislation in the EU to recycle your old equipment responsibly and the best way to do this is to work with a recognised electronics recycling company such as Buy IT Back

Recycle your old iPad with Buy IT Back

Buy IT Back is a specialist in IT and electronics recycling and this includes all Apple products. If you’re looking to sell your old iPad or any other Apple product, then we can help and we can provide a transparent quote which will tell you exactly how much you can expect back in cash for your old equipment. If you have multiple iPads or Apple products we can put together a quote for your full inventory and ensure you get a competitive price for your Apple equipment.

Once we have provided our quote we can come and collect your old iPad and any other equipment and provide you with the cash agreed for the sale. We specialise in working with all kinds of reputable brands including Apple and we deliver a service which ensures you get a fair return for your old equipment and the cash is yours to spend as you wish on new technology or in any other way you choose.

Selling your old iPad could not be simpler than with Buy IT Back and we guarantee responsible recycling and reselling so you can have complete peace of mind.


Selling your Apple MacBook

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Whether you’ve made the decision to upgrade to the next model or are simply moving on from your Apple MacBook, it makes sense to sell it responsibly and make some cash back on your sale, rather than just leaving it to the landfill. It is also important to remember that since 2007, waste electronic and electrical equipment is not allowed to be simply taken to the dump, instead you need to dispose of your old Apple MacBook responsibly, through resale or recycling.

Choosing to sell Apple MacBooks that you may no longer need or are no longer in use means you can generate a little extra cash as well as have the space you need for your new computer.

Apple are renowned for their speedy and regular product upgrades so it’s completely understandable you want the latest piece of kit as soon as its launched and when selling a MacBook you can enjoy the benefits of the cash return.

Recycling Apple MacBooks

Recycling your Apple MacBook could mean that it is resold as is (with your data erased of course) and put to use by a new user or it could, depending on its condition and age, be broken down into smaller parts and recycled for a number of different purposes. Using a reputable recycling and reselling company ensures you are in line with government and EU guidelines and also gives you the peace of mind to know you’re getting the right price for your product – choosing to sell via an auction website or classified adverts can result all kinds of issues which simply don’t come up when you choose to work with a company who specialise in buying and selling Apple MacBooks and related products.

Getting cash for used Apple MacBook and other Apple accessories is a great way of ensuring you’re ready for your next product and you have got the full value from your old MacBook before moving on.

We Buy Old Apple MacBooks

At Buy IT Back we are interested in your old Apple MacBook and other Apple equipment. As a recognised and reputable reseller and recycler of used IT equipment you can be sure you are dealing with a company who practice corporate social responsibility and are providing a service completely in line with legal requirements. We buy used Apple MacBooks and then resell them where possible, or recycle them using other means.

If you would like to discuss selling Apple MacBook products and other Apple equipment with us, please fill in our quote form.

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