Reclaim the value of your Redundant IT Equipment

By November 22, 2014Business

It doesn’t take long for IT equipment to be out of date. You may have bought brand new equipment when you first opened your offices but how long ago was that? What was once top of the range and may have cost you a significant amount often isn’t up to speed within 10 or even 5 years. The value of your redundant equipment isn’t zero however and there are professional ways and means of ensuring that your equipment is disposed of safely, responsibly and you get a percentage of its worth back.

Upgrading your Offices

When it’s time to upgrade your office then the process of removing all the old equipment, whether that’s computers, TFTs, scanners or even server hardware, can’t just consist of getting a skip and throwing it out. The WEEE regulations in the UK and Europe don’t allow this kind of disposal and you have to follow very specific guidelines to ensure every piece of equipment is handled the way it should be.

Buy IT Back specialise in professionally and responsibly recycling your old IT equipment and ensuring all guidelines are met and you don’t have to worry about whether you’re staying on the right side of the law. Our services are designed for businesses of all sizes and we ensure that your equipment is properly assessed, inventoried and the right price is given for the volume of goods you pass onto us. We are more than happy to take on all kinds of equipment including server hardware, quality branded computer equipment, telecoms and networking equipment and whatever redundant office equipment you have, it’s worth getting in touch with us.

What happens to your Equipment?

Once Buy IT Back has your equipment we ensure it is processed efficiently and following the latest WEEE guidelines. We offer your business the chance to maximise the return cash you receive by reselling the equipment wherever possible or selling it for parts where not and we ensure that all the recycling and reselling we do complies 100% to the agreed standard set out by the EU and in turn ensure certification is provided for your company records, guaranteeing that you have the protection required to prove your WEEE is disposed of correctly.streaming Beauty and the Beast movie

Is it Upgrade Time?

Once you realise it’s time to upgrade your office equipment you will soon see the benefits of recycling your old equipment for cash because that ensures you get something back for the old equipment which you can put towards your new equipment budget. We work to ensure you get as much value for your equipment as possible, giving you a great start to move forward from. Contact us today if you want to move forward with your IT equipment recycling.

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