Recycling School IT Equipment

By April 5, 2015Computer Recycling

Although the school holidays may seem a long way away if you work in education, especially in schools, planning budgets and organising equipment for the new school year can never begin too early. Your school equipment needs to be as advanced and as up to date as possible to ensure you are providing your pupils with the level of teaching and standards they require to achieve the results they’re looking for. This can be hard when you consider budgets and other capital investments that a school has to consider but if you find a dedicated recycling partner for your school’s old IT equipment then you’re at least putting yourself in the position of being able to make some cash back on your old equipment.

Recycling your out-dated IT equipment means you are ensuring the space is available for the latest technology for your pupils and their education. Choosing Buy IT Back as your computer recycling partner ensures you have someone on hand who knows exactly how to dispose of your old equipment in a legislation compliant, cost efficient and fully audited fashion. Regular updates and changes to software should give you a clear vision of how in date your hardware is and once security updates are no longer available, whether for your computers or server equipment, you know it’s time to make that change.

Instilling an attitude of sustainability in your school is something that will also inspire and interest your pupils. Whilst the focus may be getting some cash back for your old IT equipment to put back into the school, you can also use it as an opportunity to show your pupils how useful and valuable recycling can be. It could be the first step in a school-wide recycling programme which ensures you instil an attitude of environmental friendliness and sustainability in future generations.

When the school terms finally end for the summer then it’s time to start that comprehensive IT audit, once you know what is ready to be recycled it’s time to call us. We will offer a full evaluation of your equipment and offer a cash fee for its value. We ensure it is either fully recycled in a way which is in line with all regulations or sell it on so it can be used effectively elsewhere. With us as your partner you can be safe in the knowledge that your old equipment hasn’t ended up in a landfill and you will also have that extra capital to invest back into the school’s new IT system or in any area which you see fit.

Whether your computer suite upgrading or you need a professional server recycling service, Buy IT Back can provide your institution with the advice and service it needs.

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