The Importance of Green Computer Disposal

By May 22, 2014Computer Recycling

Businesses produce more electrical and IT waste than they probably imagined. The waste produced by businesses amounts to a considerable portion of all the waste the Earth has to deal with and many pieces of IT equipment emanate hazardous chemicals which can be extremely damaging.

There are European Union regulations which require businesses dispose of their IT and computer equipment in a responsible manner. The majority of businesses choose to work with professional IT recycling companies to ensure there is no need to worry about contravening any regulations. The green disposal of business computer equipment should be the norm which is why working with a recognised partner can help it become a painless activity that just blends in with the rest of the other administrative tasks of the business.

The Ease of Responsible Computer Disposal

Disposing of computers and other IT equipment from your office is a very simple process when you work with Buy IT Back. Our process is simple, you just get in touch and let us know about the volume of your equipment for recycling and we can get a quote over to you to pay for your goods. If the quote seems sufficient then we’ll come and collect the equipment and recycle it in a responsible way. To request your quote fill in our simple asset form.

As trained specialists in IT recycling we have many partners who we can sell on your equipment to for repurposing. As well as this we can find facilities to recycle of it effectively for parts or breaking down into components for other uses. Choosing to work with us ensures th1at your old equipment will go to a new home where it will be appreciated, whether still in th11e same form or completely recycled.

What equipment can be recycled?

There are many different types of IT equipment that can be recycled. It isn’t just PCs and laptops. Printers, scanners and other general office equipment can also be recycled, not to mention network equipment and IT equipment used in retail environments. The company is also able to recycle servers and quality brands are often likely to fetch higher prices than those which can’t be specified.

Any equipment you’re not sure about you can get in touch and we can give you further advice but we are dedicated to ensuring all IT equipment from businesses is recycled responsibly. Green computer disposal is a legal requirement but it can be complex for businesses who simply want to see the back of their old equipment, professional IT recycling specialists are the answer.

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