What happens to my Old IT Equipment when it’s Recycled?

By November 23, 2015Uncategorized

As a business owner it is essential that you responsibly recycle your old IT equipment when upgrading or when it no longer works click this over here now. You are bound by both UK and European laws to dispose of your old equipment appropriately but what actually happens when you do this? Working with a reputable IT recycling partner a number means a number of things may happen to your old equipment but in all instances you will receive a fee for your goods, which you can put back into your business.free hosting no ads

When you recycle your old IT equipment you may want to know what happens next and it could be a number of things including:

  • Reselling to new users
  • Breaking it down into parts for full recycling
  • Regenerated to be sold on

In all these instances the equipment is assessed and decisions are made about the best use for it, as some equipment is beyond the point of good use and other types may be too damaged and impossible to be resold or regenerated. IT hardware regeneration is a process where your equipment is brought back up to scratch so it can be sold on to new buyers looking for exactly what you no longer needed.

IT Hardware Regeneration for your Business

IT hardware regeneration is a specialist service offered alongside IT recycling which gives your old equipment a chance to be useful once again for a new company or user. From your perspective you simply hand it over as usual and it is down to your chosen IT recycling partner to decide what to do with the equipment – with your fee remaining the same in every instance.

When hardware can be regenerated then it is fine-tuned and brought back to its best so it can then be resold to companies looking for what you no longer needed. It could be you’ve made the move to the cloud whilst another business is still looking for functional server hardware or it could be you’ve made the switch back from Apple to PC and your old Apple Mac equipment is still in good condition but no use to your business anymore. In all these instances you can pick up some cash back for recycling your equipment, rather than keeping it in storage or doing nothing at all with it. The one thing you can’t do is simply dispose of your old equipment via landfill or regular waste disposal as this is against WEEE regulations.

Buy IT Back specialise in buying old IT equipment and then selling it on, either whole or for parts. We offer IT hardware regeneration services which allow equipment to be reused rather than simply broken up and we can help you handle your old equipment responsibly and in-line with legal guidelines if you simply get in touch today.

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