What should you do with Old Server Hardware?

By May 14, 2016Computer Recycling

When it is time to upgrade your servers or you have made the decision to move onto the cloud to save space and boost efficiency, what do you do with your old server equipment? There are a number of options available to you and the one you choose may depend upon the situation you are in.

Refurbishing Servers

You may choose to make do and mend with your old server hardware. This is probably only possible if you have a strong technical in-house team or you could choose to have your servers professional refurbished. The issues with refurbishment come with how much can be done and whether you are just better off investing in new equipment or making that switch to cloud-based options. Refurbishing your old servers in-house or with the help of an expert will extend their life but how viable is it for your business? Just how old is that server and how much more time will the refurbishment give you? As a rule, refurbishment and upgrade is not a cost effective option. You may find it needs regular repairs and further upgrades and you end up spending much more than the server is worth.

Re-purposing Servers

In some businesses it is possible to repurpose older servers as resource centres within a virtual server pool. They can be used without consuming too much power and they can take on a part of the workload without being relied upon for the whole server capacity. Repurposed servers are also often used as part of a network for emergency and disaster recovery situations. In this instance the old server remains active as a virtual server host if a recovery is required and it holds only the most essential applications. It means the server can run at a lower level than main servers and still perform a purpose. It’s a great option if you have the technical know-how but it can be a complex technical process and it really does depend on the state of your old server equipment.

Recycling Servers

The final option is to recycle your old server equipment. This means you’re accepting it is time to dispose of the equipment and recycling ensures you are doing so following WEEE regulations. Working with a reliable recycling partner like Buy IT Back ensures your server is handled effectively and it will be recycled in a way which complies with WEEE regulations. The recycling process will ensure that your server is either sold on and reused in another business or it is broken down and its parts are ethically recycled and reused.

When you choose to recycle your old servers when Buy IT Back you will be paid for your old equipment and we will collect it and ensure it is recycled responsibly.

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