Why computer recycling is particularly important in London

By June 8, 2012Computer Recycling

Computer disposal is an ever growing concern for all businesses when they come to replacing their computer hardware.  In our article ‘Top Reasons to Recycle your Computer and Hardware Products’ we looked at all the reasons why computer recycling should be taken seriously by businesses and schools and we noted the benefits received from doing so. These included contributing to a better environment by reducing the number of items sent to landfill, reducing the amount of natural resources that are used in manufacturing future computer products by reusing materials and the ability to enhance your corporate social responsibility profile.

Why computer recycling is particularly important in LondonWe are based in Essex making us well placed to serve all parts of London.  We believe that computer recycling is particularly important within London due to the large number of businesses that are present in the area and the limited amount of space that is available for waste.  To keep pollution levels to a minimum in the city all companies should be aware of how their actions impact the environment around them and so a satisfactory IT disposal plan should be factored into a company’s strategy.

Just imagine the environmental effects of every business and school that is based in London sending their redundant computer hardware products to landfills throughout the city whenever they replace outdated technology – the impact on the environment would be tremendous!  Computers can pose health threats when dumped in landfills as well as when they are destroyed by burning as both enable poisonous toxins to be released either via the ground (soil) leading into the water or the air.

Another reason why computer recycling is evidently seen as a bigger issue in London is that many of the large companies throughout the UK have their head offices or some of their major offices based in London and it is these locations that usually require the most up to date technology.  As head offices or other offices based in London often set a footprint for the rest of the company it is important that computer recycling is successfully carried out by offices operating in the city.  The constant updates in technology and ever decreasing prices as technology becomes outdated quickly means that businesses often feel the need to upgrade their equipment to remain at the top of the game.

However, the constant upgrades and buying of new technology equates to the constant need to dispose of old equipment.  Computer recycling is at its most efficient when carried out by specialists.  It is important that your recycling needs are fully understood so that a solution is found which best suits your needs. Obviously data security has got to be a key priority when recycling old hardware products so that if computers are reused by other parties all old data is completely erased to keep in line with privacy and confidentiality issues.  We hope this article has encouraged you to look further into computer recycling in London and has helped you to appreciate the benefits it can bring both to your business and the environment.

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