Why Computer Recycling Will Benefit your Business

By June 9, 2016Computer Recycling

Computer recycling should be part of every business’ policy when it’s time to upgrade to new equipment or old hardware becomes unusable. There are many reasons why you should ensure all old computer equipment is recycled:

  1. Computers are made with hazardous materials which can be damaging to human and environmental health if simply dumped
  2. You are legally obliged to dispose of your IT equipment appropriately
  3. A computer which is simply ‘dumped’ may sit in a landfill for over 100 years, with its hazardous substances becoming part of the environment
  4. Computer materials are easy to recover and recycle for new purposes

With these reasons and many more, recycling computers should be the first option your business goes for when looking for a way to get rid of old equipment.

However, there are further benefits too, including:

Peace of Mind

You don’t have to worry about complying with WEEE regulations and legislation if you partner with a reputable computer recycling company. They take the burden of responsibility and will ensure your old equipment is handled responsibly and recycled in a manner which is fully WEEE compliant.

Improved Business Reputation

If you want to publicly announce that you are an eco-friendly company, then you may take the opportunity to share your decision to recycle old equipment. It may help improve your reputation and may also help build customer loyalty, as you are a company who can be seen to acting responsibly at all times.

Meet Legal Obligations

It has already been mentioned but as a business you are obliged to deal with your waste electronic equipment in a compliant and environmentally conscious way. You have to abide by the legislation laid out and many businesses choose to do this by not recycling at all and keeping their old equipment, but that can result in a waste of space and storage costs.

Financial Gain

Your old computer equipment may not have much value to your business any more but it doesn’t mean it is worthless. When you partner with Buy IT Back you will receive a price for your equipment. Your equipment will be fully assessed and you will receive a quote which you can accept or reject. If you choose to have your equipment recycled with us, then it will be picked up and you will receive the quoted fee. Your equipment will be responsibly recycled and you have the cash injection to use how you wish in your business.

Computer recycling is a highly effective way of ensuring you’re complying with all legislation and with Buy IT Back you benefit from a cash return too.

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