Why you should move to the Cloud

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The whole infrastructure of the modern business has shifted since ‘Cloud’ became the norm but if you’re business has yet to move to Cloud technology for storage, server or other purposes what makes it such a good move? With new technologies, there is always the worry that it is just hype or the latest trend but cloud technology appears to be much more than this and is truly changing the way the world works. Cloud technology and storage options can replace the need for on-site servers and other equipment. Below are four reasons you should consider moving to the Cloud.

Increased User Control and Flexibility

Cloud technologies make it much easier for you to control how the infrastructure of your business works. IT departments no longer need to struggle with server downtime and failures which effect the whole scope of your business if the bulk of it is run off-site on a cloud server or servers.

Scale with Ease

If you need more storage space or a more expansive server with bigger capacity, it can involve significant investment if you’re still running from your own hardware on-site. With the Cloud everything is scalable and with the simple click of a button or calling your provider you can have your storage capacity or server expanded to meet the needs of your business as it grows. This also works the other way should you need to scale back.

Be Ahead of the Curve on New Trends

Trends such as Big Data, Mobile Services and other new technological developments have only been possible because of the Cloud. It is much harder to implement something such as Big Data without the Cloud in place. You can experiment with new technologies easily and cheaply using the cloud whereas it may require a full infrastructure replacement if you use on-site hardware.

Make Money back on your Old Equipment

When you decide it is time to move to the Cloud you can facilitate this move by making sure your old equipment isn’t just thrown away. You have a legal obligation to ensure it is dealt with in a responsible manner but if you choose to recycle it with a reputable company you can also get some cash back. Choosing to partner with a company like us allows us to provide a fair quote for your old hardware and take it away for responsible recycling. You will be paid a quoted amount for your hardware, have the additional space and some extra capital to put towards your new cloud infrastructure.

Contact us today to discuss server recycling, old PC recycling and any other IT equipment no longer in use in your business. We can provide a fair quote, pick up and recycle your equipment ASAP.

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