Selling your old iPad

New iPads are released relatively regularly and if you are the type of person who likes to have the latest tech and for both work and leisure purposes likes to be up to date that it’s understandable you may want to get rid of your old iPad before investing into a new one. Selling your old iPad can be extremely straightforward and if you choose to sell to a reputable company who will ethically resell or recycle your product you can have peace of mind as well as some extra cash to spend on the latest Apple release.

Recycling your old electronics allows you to generate more cash for newer models or to spend however you wish. When it comes to iPads older models are still very popular and in most instances they can be sold on but even if an old iPad isn’t working as well as it should it can be recycled for parts and every element can be ethically and responsibly recycled, with a fee paid to you for the privilege.

Electronics like iPads cannot be simply thrown away, even when broken and they need to be disposed of responsibly and properly recycled. From a business perspective if your old iPad is used for work and if perhaps you have more than one iPad to recycle you are bound by the WEEE legislation in the EU to recycle your old equipment responsibly and the best way to do this is to work with a recognised electronics recycling company such as Buy IT Back

Recycle your old iPad with Buy IT Back

Buy IT Back is a specialist in IT and electronics recycling and this includes all Apple products. If you’re looking to sell your old iPad or any other Apple product, then we can help and we can provide a transparent quote which will tell you exactly how much you can expect back in cash for your old equipment. If you have multiple iPads or Apple products we can put together a quote for your full inventory and ensure you get a competitive price for your Apple equipment.

Once we have provided our quote we can come and collect your old iPad and any other equipment and provide you with the cash agreed for the sale. We specialise in working with all kinds of reputable brands including Apple and we deliver a service which ensures you get a fair return for your old equipment and the cash is yours to spend as you wish on new technology or in any other way you choose.

Selling your old iPad could not be simpler than with Buy IT Back and we guarantee responsible recycling and reselling so you can have complete peace of mind.


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