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By April 11, 2012Computer Disposal

Established in 1992 Buy IT Back has grown to become one the leading computer disposal companies in Southend and the rest of the UK. We specialise in buying back a variety of computer hardware including printers, servers, laptops, PC’s, desktops and networking/telecoms equipment.

As of 2004 the disposal of computer equipment has been subject to the . All UK businesses, including those in Southend, are now responsible for ensuring that their used computer equipment is either recycled, re-used or disposed of properly.

As a result, implementing a computer disposal strategy into your IT purchasing is now essential. Buy IT Back provide an end-to-end service that is a solution to the legal, social and environmental issues now surrounding computer disposal for your Southend business. Our service offers you the opportunity to maximise your return on investment and ensure that you are carrying out computer disposal within the WEEE Directive guidelines. All computer disposal is carried out by our specialists in the Southend area and Buy IT Back will provide you with a certification for your records.

To offset the cost of collection and disposal of your computer equipment we always try to re-sell or recycle the equipment. All company references including security markings will be removed and all data will be permanently erased using the government certified software, . Disposal of the computer equipment is a last resort!

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