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Can I Get Rid Of My Old Electronic Equipment At The Local Tip?

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A recent report has shown that more and more small businesses and other organisations are mistakenly turning to their local Household Waste and Recycling Centre (known to most of us as ‘the tip’) to get rid of their unwanted electronic and IT equipment.

Whereas your local HWRC (aka tip) will happily accept unwanted electronics from domestic households for recycling, they will not take car loads of old computers, servers, printers and other electronics if they can be classed as commercial. This would include small businesses, schools and any other non-domestic organisations. If caught trying to dispose of unwanted electronics at your local HWRC it is likely that you will be refused access and could also even be fined.

So what should you do if you have any old IT equipment that you no longer need, even if you are only a small business or other organisation?

The answer lies in contacting a reputable computer and IT recycling firm. Companies such as Buy IT Back will work with you to safely and legally dispose of your old computers and electronic equipment to the highest possible environmental standards. Reputable firms which have a proven track record in business, will fully understand the legal framework and environmental responsibility which governs how waste electronics should be treated and will work within these.

However there can be one drawback with using many of these firms – the cost. There are a number of companies that will provide a great service collecting and disposing of your old IT equipment, but you could end up being charged handsomely for their doing so. However there is an alternative.

Buy IT Back has not only been at the forefront of computer recycling in the UK for nearly 30 years, but is also able to offer a ‘buy back’ scheme, which actually pays you for the pleasure of removing, refurbishing or recycling your unwanted IT, telecoms and other electronic equipment.

So why not cut out the hassle of trying to take your old computers to the tip, or the pain of having to pay a company to recycle them for you and contact Buy IT Back today.

How Do You Recycle A Computer?

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Whenever a company, business or other organisation no longer needs a computer, printer, server or other piece of electronic equipment they have a duty of care as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure that it correctly disposed of.

Since the introduction of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive in 2003 (which was then updated in 2014) it is no longer acceptable to simply dump your unwanted electronics into landfill. These items are now treated as ‘hazardous waste’ and thus have to be disposed of following strict guidelines, many of which focus around the requirement to recycle as many items or components as possible.

What’s in a computer?

Computers, be they desktop or laptop, as actually very complex machines which means that they are very difficult to recycle via traditional methods. Obviously it varies by type and model but most PC’s are made up of a combination of elements and components which can include around 23% plastics, 32% ferrous metals, 12% electronic boards and varying amounts of lead, glass and other non-ferrous metals. As a result of this it means that computers can only really be successfully recycled by specialist companies.

Does a computer have to be recycled?

In many cases it is actually preferable to recondition computers and other pieces of electronic equipment and their components, rather than undergoing the difficult, and often energy intensive process of recycling.

Here at Buy IT Back this is always our first port of call, not only because it is a more ecologically sensitive treatment of unwanted computers and other pieces of IT hardware, but also because there are many organisations, both in the UK and abroad, who will willing buy an affordably priced reconditioned computer, rather than buying something brand new. In fact it is through this method that we treat the majority of pieces of redundant electronic equipment, and this is how we are able to offer such competitive prices through our Buy Back scheme.

However in some cases there are components or entire pieces of unwanted IT or telecoms equipment that are unable to be reconditioned and resold, in which case we will move to our specialist recycling process. This involves carefully separating all of the different elements and treating each individually to allow it to be successfully reused.

What are the other options when it comes to computer recycling?

Since the implementations of the WEEE Directive, recycling via a reputable computer recycling company or service is now the only option allowable by law. The WEEE Directive itself actually puts much of the onus onto manufacturers and retailers to provide a sound recycling service. But in many cases you, as the consumer, will be charged for this.

However with nearly 30 years of computer recycling experience under our belts, Buy IT Back are able to offer a very attractive alternative via our Buy Back service. Simply as it sounds this means that we are able to assess the value that we, as computer recycling, reconditioning and reselling experts, are able to unlock from your unwanted computer equipment – and from this calculate what this equipment is actually worth and pay you a fair market price for it! This money could then go towards the cost of replacing the equipment that you thought that you may have to pay to get rid of!


To find out how you could benefit from Buy IT Back’s Buy Back scheme for your unwanted computer and electronic equipment, contact us today.

What Should Businesses Do With Their Unwanted Computers?

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All businesses, schools, charities, colleges and other organisations will make use of computer equipment at some point in their operations. However as we all know technology simply doesn’t stand still and most electronic equipment these days will have a shelf life of often only one or two years.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) was introduced into UK law initially in 2006 and then updated in 2014 to try and reduce the amount of electric and electronic equipment that was ending up in landfill. Not only was this putting a strain on the landfill capabilities of the UK but also causing a number of dangerous chemical and minerals to potentially leak into the soil and contaminate both the land and our water supplies.

The WEEE Directive puts an onus on manufacturers and retailers to provide an accessible way and effective way of end users being able to safely, environmentally and ethically deal with their unwanted electronic equipment. However this doesn’t mean that you as a user don’t have an obligation to ensure that you are sending your unwanted equipment to the right place, rather than simply dumping it straight into landfill.

However this can actually be easier said than done for many people and businesses, as they simply don’t know all of the options that are open to them when it comes to getting rid of their old computer and IT equipment.

The simplest answer is to send your unwanted equipment to a professional computer recycling company, such as Buy IT Back. This will mean that you can:

1 – Actually earn money by recycling!

Buy IT Back are specialists in the recycling and refurbishing of component parts of outdated IT equipment. This means that they can actually make money from the correct environmental treatment of your old computers – a profit that they can pass on to you!

2 – Advertise that your business is WEEE compliant

Showing that you are consciously considering your responsibilities to the environment and ensuring that your computer equipment is being properly recycled can really help to promote your brand and can actually help to bring in further business.

3 – Support start-ups and charities

In many cases the equipment that Buy IT Back is asked to recycle is actually perfectly serviceable for organisations with lower tech needs (such as some start-ups and charities) than those who are upgrading from them. In these cases Buy IT Back can simply wipe and then refurbish your old equipment and provide it to these worthy causes at a fraction of their market rate.

So to see if you could actually get paid to do the right thing with your unwanted computers and other IT equipment, contact Buy IT Back today.

Top Tips For Choosing A Computer Recycling Company

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As with so many things in life, not all computer recycling companies are created equal. So when it is time for you to upgrade to new equipment, but want to responsibly dispose of your old computing and telecoms hardware what are some of the most important factors to take into consideration?

Is the company WEEE compliant?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (2013) became law in the UK on 1 January 2014 and replaced the WEEE Regulations 2006. These are concerned with the collection, recovery and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, with targets being set for each of these.

In a nutshell this means that all electrical and electronic equipment is classed as hazardous waste and so must be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner so as not to add potentially hazardous waste to the environment. Here at Buy IT Back we were early adopters of the first set of WEEE regulations and continue to be strict followers of the revised 2013 regs. Through this length of experience we understand all of the subtle nuances of the directive and so you can be assured that any electronic equipment that we recycle is done in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

How much equipment actually goes to landfill?

Unfortunately in some cases there are some pieces/components of electronic equipment that cannot be reused or recycled and so may need to go to a final disposal process, such as landfill or incineration. However the amounts that actually end up in landfill etc can vary significantly between different companies. At Buy IT Back we are committed to sending as little material to landfill as possible. Through our nearly 30 years in business we have built up a network of hundreds of avenues for the reuse or component recycling of all types of unwanted computer, IT and telecoms equipment.

Data treatment

Even if you believe that you have thoroughly deleted all of the information on your IT equipment before sending it for recycling, it is likely that traces of data will still remain. In this case it is imperative to have complete trust that the computer recycling company that you have chosen will securely and irreparably delete all data from your equipment before it is recycled or reconditioned. At Buy IT Back we are specialists in data destruction and so you can rest assured that all of your sensitive data will be completely secure.

Are you offered a buy back service?

Many computer recycling companies will charge you for utilising their service, however for many items of unwanted IT and telecoms equipment Buy IT Back are actually able to pay you for these items. This is because once they have been reconditioned they can be sold on, or even their component parts can be resold. It is only through having a long established network of contacts that Buy IT Back are able to find paying homes for some many complete or component parts of unwanted electronic equipment and so are usually able to offer a much more encompassing buy back service than many other computer recycling firms.

To find out more about our extensive buy back service for unwanted computer, IT, telecoms and other electronic equipment, contact Buy IT Back today.

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Computer Equipment?

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At some point all organisations will need to upgrade their computer equipment. This could be every few months, every year or longer, depending on how important it is that you keep up to date with new technology, or depending on available budgets.

But what you should do with your old or redundant IT equipment can be a challenge for many businesses, schools or other organisations. The simple answer is to simply send it all to landfill, however this is not actually as easy as it seems. Therefore recycling your redundant computer equipment is a much more appealing prospect. But what is involved in recycling your old electronics and why should you choose Buy IT Back as your IT equipment recycling specialist?

  • Computers and many other types of electronic equipment are classed as hazardous waste by the UK Environmental Protection Agency and so cannot simply be sent straight to landfill, but must be disposed of following strict guidelines.
  • Even though 99% of the components in most computers and other pieces of IT equipment can be recycled, large numbers of these still end up in landfill each year, which is putting a significant strain on the UK refuse strategy.
  • Many of the components of redundant computer equipment can be reused in the manufacture of new IT products. This not only saves energy through the reduced manufacturing time required, but can also mean that the prices of these new products is lowered.
  • Numerous of the elements required to build new IT equipment are becoming increasingly rare natural resources, therefore recycling existing elements significantly reduces the environmental impact of electronic product production.
  • Many charities, start-ups, social enterprises and other smaller organisations do not have the necessary budget to buy brand new cutting edge IT equipment. However they could still do great things with an older, but still functioning models. Therefore by simply donating your old computer equipment you can be looking after the environment and doing a good thing for someone else at the same time.
  • It is imperative that when disposing of your unwanted IT equipment that your data is completely, securely and professionally deleted. Even if you think that you have erased your data, in many cases traces of it can still remain. However computer recycling specialists such as Buy IT Back can guarantee to fully erase all of your data, before professionally recycling the equipment and its components.

And if that isn’t enough reason for you to trust Buy IT Back with all of your computer and IT equipment recycling requirements – we will also pay you for the privilege!

As we are able to reuse and recycle the vast majority of all of your redundant electronics we are able to buy your old computers and IT equipment off you, thus offsetting some of the cost of your upgrade.

So to find out more about how computer recycling with Buy IT Back is the right choice for you and your organisation, contact us today.

Are You Upgrading Over Christmas?

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With the wind down to the long Christmas break already upon us, many companies, businesses and organisations are planning on taking advantage of the holiday shut down to implement some much needed upgrades to their IT equipment and other electronics.

If you are one of these companies, have you thought about what to do with your soon to be redundant equipment?

There are many companies out there who offer a IT equipment recycling service. They will often come and collect your old equipment and take it away, before ensuring that any remaining data is securely erased. The equipment will then be stripped down and its components either reused or recycled, usually to the very highest of ecological standards.

However, whilst knowing that your old equipment will be being dealt with professionally and responsibly you will, also, being pay handsomely for this service.

However if you simply contact Buy IT Back we will take your old IT, computer and other electronic equipment, completely and irreversibly delete your data and then ensure that the equipment is recycled to the highest environmental standards and being fully compliant with current WEEE regulations – and we will pay you to do this!

As Buy IT Back are experts in electronic component reselling and recycling we are able to offset the cost of processing your redundant IT equipment and pass these profits on to you.

So if you want your company or organisation to start the new year with both a set of shiny new IT equipment and some shiny pounds in your pocket, then contact Buy IT Back today.

Effective computer disposal for UK businesses

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Following the introduction of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive in 2007, all companies are legally obliged to dispose or recycle their IT equipment safely and securely. So, whether you’re upgrading, relocating, downsizing or heading for the cloud, you need to bear this in mind.

At Buy IT Back we offer a professional and comprehensive service based upon 25 years’ experience, to effectively dispose of your redundant hardware. We specialise in buying back a large variety of redundant or unused IT hardware such as servers, printers, laptops, PC’s, monitors, networking and telecoms equipment.

Secure data disposal

Confidential data stored on hard drives and other devices is a prime target for thieves. And simply deleting the files isn’t enough to guarantee that the data will be properly erased. At Buy IT Back we provide data erasure and shredding services that adhere to the HMG Infosec5 Enhanced Standard and above. Our high levels of security aim to minimise the risk to your business and give you peace of mind.

Hassle free removal

We provide a hassle free service to remove your unwanted equipment to save you a great deal of time, effort and financial cost. Let us use our wealth of experience and UK-wide logistics network to easily collect and transport your old kit.

Promoting a greener future

Recycling your old equipment also helps to protect the environment in a number of ways. For example, by conserving natural resources and minimising the production of numerous greenhouse gases generated by new products. Plus, a growing problem in today’s society is the scale and number of landfill sites, which has serious implications for the local environment and our atmosphere. By using Buy IT Back’s recycling services, you can help maximise the re-use of Earth’s resources and help prevent tonnes of computer waste from going to landfill sites.

Contact us

Disposing of your IT hardware in an environmentally friendly manner ensures you are working within the law and meeting your corporate social responsibilities. Computer recycling could be the best option for your company, so contact us on 01621 786860 or via email to find out more.

5 tips for choosing a computer recycling business

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During recent years, the recycling sector has grown significantly. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of computer recycling businesses operating in the market. So, how do you choose the company that’s right for you?

Here are five tips to consider when choosing a computer recycling business.

1. Professionalism and experience

When disposing or recycling old equipment there are a number of critical considerations to be taken into account, so you should choose a company that has a great deal of experience in this area. For over 25 years, our team at Buy IT Back have provided expert advice and successfully delivered solutions in computer recycling. Our proven track record means we have a large and varied customer base who use our services time and time again.

2. Legislation and accreditation credentials

Check that the computer recycling business you are considering employing has the requisite practices and accreditations in place. Our team of experts ensure we fully comply with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2007. Plus, we have achieved certifications from the Environment Agency for our waste and pollution services, to minimise the impact on the environment.

3. Data security measures

As the use of technology grows, so does the increase in cyber crime, so all data must be disposed of in a safe and secure manner. Consider the methods used by companies when they discuss how they would delete your old and unwanted data. At Buy IT Back we offer on- or off-site hard disk drive (HDD) shredding with full certification, which adheres to the HMG Infosec5 Enhanced Standard and above.

4. Financial benefits

Take into consideration the data deletion, collection and logistics costs quoted by the company and whether you will receive any money in return for your old kit. At Buy IT Back we will assess your old equipment and provide you with a competitive quote for its disposal or recycling. In a nutshell, our distinctive cashback offer means we can provide you with money for your old kit giving you an extra financial boost for your business.

5. Network coverage

The location of your business premises may be a key factor in avoiding expensive logistical and transportation costs. From our headquarters in Essex we are well placed to service London and the South East, whilst we also using our wider network to provide buy back solutions across the UK.

How we can help

Contact us today to find out why Buy IT Back should be your first choice for all your computer recycling needs.

Five Reasons Businesses Are Migrating To The Cloud

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing involves the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. Many people don’t even realise they’re using the cloud. Did you know that when you update your Facebook page via your phone, you’re accessing the data via a cloud service?

During recent years cloud computing has become more popular as more and more businesses realise the wide variety of advantages on offer. Here are five reasons on why you should migrate to the cloud and how Buy IT Back can help you.

1. Cost

Cloud computing may reduce the ongoing cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. For example, reductions in the cost of buying specialised hardware and software, physical building space for on-site data servers and equipment.

Increasingly businesses are favouring a ‘pay as you go’ approach, whereby you simply pay for services depending upon your business requirements. Essentially cloud computing offers great value and can release much-needed cash which could be invested in other areas of your business.

2. Speed

Due to the advancements in cloud computing technology huge amounts of data can be accessed via a few clicks. This provides easy access to key data, increases productivity and allows clients to focus on key business decisions rather than IT management issues.

3. Reliability

Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easier and less expensive, because data can be mirrored at a number of sites on the cloud provider’s network.

4. Scale

Business requirements can change rapidly in the marketplace and cloud computing allows you to increase or decrease your computing needs quickly and simply. This means that your computing environment rapidly matches the requirements of your business.

5. Collaboration

Enables your business and employees to communicate and share information more easily. Documents can be kept in a central, cloud-accessible location, so employees can simply access relevant documents from a variety of geographical locations.

How we can help

Buy IT Back provide key services in data centre recycling and can maximise the residual value held in redundant server, HDD storage and network switching hardware. Using our expertise we can guide you through the necessary steps to successfully dispose and recycle your old hardware whilst also maximising its financial value.

Don’t delay, contact us today to find out more about Data Centre Recycling and receive a free quote and realise the potential savings for your business.

Why Should Computer Recycling Be Important To Your Business?

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Technology changes at a rapid pace and businesses often need to refresh their IT equipment to realise the benefits new innovations can offer and stay ahead of the competition. On the other hand, you may want to downsize your operations to free-up physical office space or cash. However, discarded computer equipment needs to be disposed of in a safe and controlled manner because it can contain toxic substances and is effectively classed as hazardous waste.

In addition, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive was introduced in 2007. The legislation aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and to encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it.

In a nutshell, this means you are legally obliged to dispose or recycle your IT equipment safely and securely. This is where Buy IT Back can help. With 25 years’ experience we provide a total solution from secure data deletion, testing, storage, collection through to disposal, which enables our clients to efficiently dispose of their redundant IT hardware, and what’s more we’ll give you some money in return.

Cashback for your business

We will evaluate your old equipment and provide you with a competitive quote for its disposal and recycling. Our cashback offer gives you a financial boost to aid your business and recoup some of your monetary outlay for future IT refresh projects or other areas of investment in your business.

Hassle free disposal

With our wealth of expertise we provide an efficient disposal and recycling solution which saves you a lot of time, effort and financial cost to effectively comply with the WEEE legislation.

Helping the environment

By recycling your old and unwanted IT hardware, you’re doing your bit to help the environment by preventing potentially hazardous waste from entering landfill and causing soil and water contamination.

Promoting sustainability

Rather than sending your electronic waste straight to landfill, why not make arrangements for it to be collected, reused or recycled? By using Buy IT Back’s recycling services, certain parts of the kit can be repurposed to make new equipment, while reducing the impact on our Earth’s resources.

Contact us now for further information and receive a free quote for the complete buy back of your electronic waste and unwanted IT equipment.

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