Computer Recycling for Business

By May 30, 2013Computer Recycling, News

All business, schools and colleges make use of computer and IT equipment. Naturally, as technology becomes more advanced, we are faced with redundant hardware as these establishments favour newer, even slicker equipment.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) was introduced into UK law with the aim of decreasing the vast amount of electronic goods being produced, whilst reducing, reusing and recovering unwanted electronic equipment. Here’s where you come in; as a user of electronic equipment, you have a responsibility to ensure its safe, responsible disposal.

You may be surprised to know that 99% of most computers can be recycled! Tonnes of computer equipment such as scanners, laptops and computers are sent straight to landfill each year. Some internal components of a computer such as lead, lithium and mercury are poisonous to plants, animals and humans. When dumped in landfill, these chemicals can seep into the ground, having a detrimental effect on water, animals, humans and crops.

With that in mind, getting shut of your old unwanted electronic goods in an efficient, responsible way needn’t be a hassle, and there are a plethora of reasons why it is good for your business.

Earn money by recycling.

Companies such as Discovery Computer Services Ltd ( offer a full Buy Back service for all unwanted computer hardware. They’ll collect all your unwanted goods and either refurbish them or responsibly recycle the components. You could earn a pretty penny for it too.

Donate to a worthy cause.

Whether you’re a school, business or another kind of establishment you can donate any unwanted, but functional electronics to a charity. You can be sure their productivity will increase and they’ll do more with it than it would crushed up in a landfill.

Shout about being WEEE compliant.

It might be an obligation, but you’re helping to reduce the impact that electrical appliances have on the environment. Why wouldn’t you want to tell your business partners and customers?

The benefits of being WEEE complaint within your business are endless. If you’d like more information of how you can become WEEE compliant or to see if you have obligations, The Environment Agency has produced a whole host of literature for your disposal.

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