Merry Christmas From The Buy IT Back Team!

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Everyone at Buy IT Back would like to wish all of our customers and very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

Since celebrating our 25th anniversary last year, Buy IT Back has gone from strength to strength helping even more customers turn their redundant IT equipment into cash.

Whether you are upgrading your PC’s, telecoms systems or almost any other electronics, a quick phone call to Buy IT Back will start you on the road to generating some income, adhering to your environmental responsibilities, avoiding waste, and ensuring that your data is completely and securely erased.

Roger Martin, Managing Director of Buy IT Back, said:

“Christmas gives us all some time to stop and think about both the last year and our plans for the future. This year I will be doing both with a smile on my face. We have had a great year working with lots of new and existing clients to make their lives easier, taking their old IT equipment, securely and ecologically sensitively recycling it – and paying them for the pleasure of doing so! We are looking forward to working with even more clients in 2019.”

There’s no denying that 2019 may bring some challenges, economic uncertainty around the impact of Brexit and the continuing speed of technological advancements can make investing in new IT equipment both a necessity and a concern. However here at Buy IT Back we hope to make this process as easy, and a profitable, as possible for you. You can rest assured that we recycle all of your equipment to the highest possible standards, adhering to current EU lead WEEE regulations, and keeping abreast of any potential changes that may come.

So whatever 2019 brings for you, we are committed to making upgrading your IT equipment as easy as possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Buy IT Back!

Season’s Greetings To All Our Customers

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The festive season is nearly here and we at Buy IT Back would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their custom and support during the past year. We’ve worked with a huge number of you to successfully cater for your IT and electronic recycling needs, whilst your feedback has shown our cashback offer has proved to be extremely popular with you too.

A significant milestone

During 2017 we were thrilled to reach a significant milestone with the celebration of our 25th anniversary. Since 1992 our team has provided expert advice and delivered comprehensive solutions to efficiently dispose of or recycle our client’s IT equipment safely and securely.

Roger Martin, Managing Director of Buy IT Back commented:

“We are delighted to be celebrating our 25th birthday this year….we believe that our level of experience, expertise and service are what makes us stand out as one of the most knowledgeable and professional Buy Back companies in the UK. Here’s to another 25 years!”

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018

We would like to wish all our customers and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope you have a very enjoyable holiday period and have time to recharge your batteries at the end of another busy 12 months. Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to working with you all in 2018.

Give Your Business A Christmas Bonus

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The end of another year is rapidly approaching and it’s a great opportunity to carry out upgrades to your IT equipment and telecoms systems during the quieter Christmas period. At Buy IT Back, we can help by maximising the residual value of your old kit whilst also ensuring complete data security, to aid a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new systems.

Cash injection

We specialise in buying back a large variety of redundant or unused IT hardware such as servers, printers, laptops, PC’s, monitors, networking and telecoms equipment. We provide you with a solution to the legal, environmental, social and cost issues of disposing redundant IT equipment responsibly, with the added bonus of a cash return which you can reinvest in your business.

Your equipment will be fully assessed by our professional team who will then provide you with a free quote. Quite simply, our cashback offer means we expect to pay you for your old kit and that’s after any data deletion, collection and logistics costs too!

Maximising your IT spend

Have you also considered buying used computer equipment to make your money go further? We can help you source second user or refurbished IT equipment from our database of over 1000 traders worldwide. We supply branded IT products with a guaranteed warranty to ensure reliability and excellent value for money.

Trusted partner

Our professional approach means we have built a large customer base over the years, with a huge number of clients using our services time and time again. At Buy IT Back we give our clients the peace of mind that their data is being handled correctly and securely, whilst also giving them some money in return.

“We have been helping our clients maximise the residual value in their IT and telecoms hardware since 1992. We are passionate about sharing our 25 years of experience with our customers.” Roger Martin, Managing Director

Get in touch for a free quote

Contact one of our friendly experts today, either via the phone on 01621 786860 or email us to find out more. Our team will discuss your requirements and provide you with a free quote to help take your business forward in 2018 and beyond.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We would like to thank our clients for their custom during 2017 and wish you and your families an enjoyable Christmas period and health and happiness for the new year.

Buy IT Back Is 25 Years Old!

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2017 sees Buy IT Back celebrating it’s 25th year helping companies to safely and securely realise the value in their redundant IT hardware.

Established in 1992, Discovery Computer Services saw that there were numerous companies that were struggling to fund the cost of correctly disposing with their old IT hardware and telecoms equipment. With the introduction of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) this meant that along with the cost of upgrading their IT equipment, businesses were also faced with the mounting cost of ensuring that they disposed of their old equipment correctly.

So Buy IT Back was created to purchase a company’s old IT and telecoms hardware. The company would be given a realistic market value for their redundant equipment, all data would be securely deleted and then the equipment could be refurbished for resale or competently recycled. Through the sale of their old IT equipment the company could then fund an even bigger and better upgrade – and when the time came to dispose of that, they could just do it all over again!

Roger Martin, Managing Director, Buy IT Back

Roger Martin, Managing Director of Buy IT Back said;

“We are delighted to be celebrating our 25th birthday this year. Over the past 25 years we have seen huge changes to the IT world and believe that our level of experience, expertise and service are what makes us stand out as one of the most knowledgeable and professional Buy Back companies in the UK. Here’s to another 25 years!”


Buy IT Back’s head office is based in Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex, and with a further logistics centre in the North West they are ideally placed to provide IT buy back solutions right across the UK. Buy IT Back specialises in providing a buy back service for all types of IT and telecoms hardware including PC’s, Laptops, Monitors, Servers, Networking, EPOS and IP Telephones and more.

So if your company is looking to upgrade or dispose of any electronic hardware then contact Buy IT Back today. Not only will they take all of the hassle out of getting rid of your old equipment, but they could pay you for the privilege too!

World Study suggests Illegal Dumping of WEEE is Rife

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A report published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) reveals some stark statistics about the state of WEEE recycling around the world. Their figures suggest that as much as 90% of the world’s waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) could be being illegally traded or dumped annually. This comes as a shock as the latest figures from the UK at the very least paint a different picture.

The new report, Waste Crime – Waste Risks: Gaps in Meeting the Global Waste Challenge, suggests around 369 million tonnes of WEEE are handled illegally each year, with the value of this waste being as much as £12bn.

The estimate they have put together is based upon their ‘latest research findings, and involvement from practitioners such as the formal waste sector, inspectors, law enforcement officers and prosecutors’ which together suggest that only 10-40% of all e-waste is recycled in a legal and proper manner.

EU Exports to Africa and Asia

The reason behind much of the problem is believed to be down to exportation WEEE. UNEP believe that the problem is mainly caused by companies within the European Union and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) illegally exporting their WEEE to non-OECD countries, mainly in Africa and Asia. In these countries the protection of workers and environmental protection laws are less stringent and the WEEE isn’t handled within regulations ensuring it is actually being recycled.

WEEE can very easily find itself way into illegal channels because of the many valuable materials used in the protection of many products means they are in demand for stripping and selling on and also, as the report suggests, it is a cheaper method of getting rid of WEEE, rather than sending the materials for treatment via the legally approved methods and routes.

UNEP calls for improved awreness of the impact of e-waste crime and how damaging it can be to the planet and also the people in the states who are working with our waste. They are encouraging non-governmental organisations to take a key role in exposing waste crime and ensure our waste is handled legally and correctly.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Legal IT Recycling

For businesses in the UK of all sizes, it is essential that their WEEE is handled legally to avoid any repercussions of breaking WEEE legislation. An easy and peace of mind inducing option for handling your WEEE is to partner up with an approved and effective IT recycling provider.

At Buy IT Back we are committed to socially responsible, best practice and legal methods of recycling your old IT equipment, ensuring it is handled with care and that you get a good price for your equipment too, a bit of a bonus. To avoid the dangers of malpractice and damaging your company reputation, we always recommend you find a reputable partner for disposing of your old, unused equipment, rather than allowing it to be dumped at a landfill or left in your premises costing you money.

Prepare your Business for EU Data Protection Law Changes

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The original EU Data Protection Directive was published in 1995 and the Union have recognised the need to develop a newer directive, in line with the huge developments in technology in the last 20 years. The plan is to have the final regulations produced this year and implement them by 2017.

With this in mind it makes sense to prepare your business for the changes, to avoid any stress concerning cybercrime, data harvesting and other dangerous practices which occur alongside big change. Cybercrime is reported to have increased from 2013 to 2014 so we must be vigilant and ready to act to protect our businesses and customers. Below are three key ways to prepare your business for change.

1. Employee Transparency

Your employees need to be aware of all changes as they happen and you need to keep them abreast of any legislative or regulatory enforcements published by the new EU Directive. Regular internal audits and feedback on these helps to create a vigilant and organised atmosphere. You should also ensure your staff are fully trained in the risk management of data and how to manage and mitigate risks should they occur.

2. Be Consistent

Choosing consistent methods for your business operations when using the internet and online sources is key to keeping a controlled check on things. Narrowing down the ways in which your company shares data and files for example is one way of ensuring they are treated with the protection they deserve. A single system means you only need to secure and concentrate on that system and it is also easier to manage when the changes to the directive are in place.

3. Remain Vigilant with Data Disposal

A good system for the data you need is one thing but you still need to treat old and unneeded data with care and when it comes to disposal, ensure it is carried out in line with company requirements and where sensitive data is involved, the requirements of the bodies mentioned within. When you replace your office equipment or upgrade to a 福汇 new server it is important that your old equipment is recycled effectively but above and beyond that you need to be sure it is wiped clean and your company data is wiped. The risk of leaked data is dangerous to your reputation and can result in many different, negative outcomes from losing customers to providing data access for cyber criminals.

We provide , data erasure using government approved Blancco software and the options available ensure your company policies can be met. Protecting your company data means ensuring it is gone when you say it’s gone and not doing so can leave you in breach of Data Protection guidelines and this is guaranteed to remain the case when the EU Directive is updated.

Toxic Mine of E-Waste Piling Up according to UN Report

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A new report by the UN has found that there are 42 millions of tons of electronic and electrical equipment discarded by consumers every year and this includes many valuable and renewable materials including gold worth more than £7bn.

The report has been carried out by the United Nations University and has revealed that e-waste is becoming a serious issue around the globe, with projections suggesting it will reach 50 megatons by 2018. Even worse for us, Brits are amongst the biggest generators of this type of junk.

As well as that huge amount of gold resource being lost, the report found that over 1000 tons of silver and 16 megatons of reusable steel were going to waste with people simply throwing out their old electrical equipment. In terms of danger to the environment the report revealed that the waste may include an alarming 4,400 tons of ozone-depleting chemicals and 2.2 megatons of lead glass which can pollute both water supplies and soil.

The reasons behind this huge pile of discarded tech is closely linked to the speed at which we are innovating and which new technology is needed to keep up with the pace of the world. Rising sales of technology are great but the new products being produced seem to have a shorter and shorter life cycle, which contributes to this huge and dangerous volume of e-waste which is threatening to pollute the world over.

The majority of e-waste was found to be either domestic appliances or office equipment and of course, as a responsible business owner we believe our clients know better than to simply dump their office equipment when they could be utilising our high quality recycling service that not only ensures your old equipment doesn’t end up in a landfill or as part of this dangerous e-waste mine, and instead is resold, recycled or repurposed in some way, as well as giving you a cash fee for the hardware.

Britain doesn’t rank well when it comes to recycling e-waste, it actually comes in 5th in the weight of material discarded per person, with each Brit said to generate 23.5kg of e-waste a year. The UK also ranked highly in terms of total amount of e-waste and the figure of 1.5 megatons produced a year is a real shock as it is almost in line with India, a country which has 20 times the population.

There is no reason for a modern business to discard of their e-waste irresponsibly. Partnering with an effective and socially responsible computer recycling company ensures your waste is dealt with in a professional and legal manner, avoiding any risks for your company in terms of liability and also ensuring you are not part of this huge e-waste problem. We are keen to see more recycling and less dumping so the predictions of the UN don’t become a reality and we are readily available to provide quality, efficient and quick IT recycling services, with cash back on your goods.

It’s Time to Lose Windows Server 2003 but benefit from Professional Server Recycling

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After July 14th 2015 Windows Server 2003 will no longer receive IT support or receive security updates from Microsoft. This covers all versions of the software and without security updates, the software simply isn’t safe to use. If your business is still running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 then it’s definitely time to make the chance to a newer version and put a migration strategy into place.

It could be that your datacentre is only equipped to handle Windows Server 2003 and therefore you’re looking at an upgrade of both software and hardware. Whilst this can seem costly, it will benefit your business in the long run and if you find a recycling partner such at Buy IT Back, you can receive cash for your old server hardware, in exchange for it being resold or responsibly recycled.

Professional Server Hardware Recycling

Within a few months of Windows Server 2003 no longer receiving support it will become a serious security risk and a compliance nightmare for your business. Windows Server 2003 is outdated but for many businesses it has been completely functional and they have seen no need to change but now it has truly become imperative.

Alongside the software change there is bound to be a huge switch in hardware, as a lot of server equipment will need to be recycled. Businesses should take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade but of course, the business still has a responsibility to handle the old equipment responsibly and ensure it is recycled in a way which complies with EU and British recycling film C’est beau la vie quand on y pense

As a professional and experienced server recycling company we specialise in ensuring all unused computers and related hardware are recycled responsibly or alternatively repurpose them and resell them. In every instance we ensure you receive a fee for the value of your equipment and it ensures you get something to put back into your business or put towards the cost of your new server hardware.

As well as ensuring your old server hardware is disposed of responsibly we also ensure that all data has been completely wiped and deleted, guaranteeing the full safety of your data. With a partner like Buy IT Back you can be sure that your datacentre is running in the most effective way and that your old, out of date hardware recoups some of its value.

The end of Windows Server 2003 is just one further stage of Microsoft moving forward and ensuring their business is at the cutting edge of information technology.

Cracking Down on Commercial Use of Household Waste Recycling Centres

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In Hertfordshire there has been a new crackdown on the dumping of commercial waste in Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). The council and their partner contractors have put a restriction on van drivers using the centres in a bid to reduce trade waste being dumped on their household waste sites. This change came into play in January and the scheme works on a permitting basis which requires the drivers of more commercial vehicles, such as vans, pickups and vehicles with trailers, to sign up to a free pass for their waste disposal.

The permit will last 12 months and this allows them to visit any of the HWRCs in the authority area up to 12 times. Any more than this and then the permit will have to be returned to the site operator and then their use of the sites will be checked. There is real hope this will stop the misuse of the HWRCs by trade drivers and business people, who, by all rights should be paying for the disposal of their waste or utilising specialist companies who deal with commercial waste.

Commercial vs Household Waste

It is illegal to dispose of commercial waste, in any form, in household waste centres including household bins and recycling bins. Discovery of illegal dumping can result in company or individual prosecution and businesses are obliged by law to store, transport and dispose of their own business waste without causing any harm to the environment or human health.  These guidelines are laid out in the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.

As a business owner it is important to appear socially responsible and to be aware of your requirements when it comes to managing your business waste, whether that’s the content of your waste paper bins or your old IT equipment.

With this crackdown in Hertfordshire we wouldn’t be surprised if other councils soon follow suit. Recycling in London differs greatly from local authority to local authority but the legal requirements remain the same and the system now in place in Hertfordshire is worth keeping an eye on to see if it’s a success.

When it comes to your businesses need not worry as Buy IT Back ensure at least this aspect of your recycling is handled with care and responsibility. Using Buy IT Back ensures you not only get some money back on your old equipment, you also get to be safe in the knowledge it has been disposed of responsibly and hasn’t been simply dumped at the side of your local HWRC.

Employees the Biggest Threat to Data Security

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The risk of data leaking from the business is one of the biggest fears of many managers and directors buy generic antabuse. Great lengths and protective measures are gone to, to ensure data is protected but a new survey by PHS Data Solutions has shown that the biggest threat to data security, in the case of their study in the public sector, is employees.

The study took on board the opinions of 141 senior public sector managers and related staff and 83% of them stated that employees were the biggest threat to the security of data of all. The study shows how people fear their colleagues more than external hackers and the risks of data security from equipment being incorrectly handled or recycled didn’t seem to factor at all in the results.

A spokesperson for the company who commissioned the survey highlighted the point that ‘internal shredding and storage can increase the risk of records being saved or destroyed incorrectly’ and it is statements like this which add weight to the argument that innovations like cloud computing and off-site data storage solutions are future.

Further than this data security is a key element in the computer recycling business. As the statement above suggests on-site data and hard drive shredding isn’t as safe as using a secure and professional service off-site and therefore opting for a professional is essential. Buy IT Back offers a secure data security and removal service, ensuring all equipment which is given to us for recycling purposes is wiped clean and there is no risk of any data being passed onto future users of the equipment.

Buy IT Back’s data security service involves using the government approved software package Blancco for the removal of all data from hard drives in computers given to us through our recycling service. There is also the further option of hard drive shredding in instances where this is required.

Buy IT Back simply require an asset form for a free evaluation of old equipment and any equipment handed over is done for a fee and then it is recycled or repurposed in a range of different ways. No data will be involved in the recycling or repurposing as it will all be completely cleared to guarantee leaks are removed. The only problem left for businesses then is to decide how their data will be protected in the future and whether a move to the cloud is imminent. Secure information may need to be accessed readily by employees but it should be stored in a way which is unable to be copied, transferred or used in a way which could adversely affect the business.

Providing IT Hardware, Data Security, Recycling & Residual Value Solutions For Over 30 Years Since 1992