It’s Time to Lose Windows Server 2003 but benefit from Professional Server Recycling

By May 5, 2015News, Server Recycling

After July 14th 2015 Windows Server 2003 will no longer receive IT support or receive security updates from Microsoft. This covers all versions of the software and without security updates, the software simply isn’t safe to use. If your business is still running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 then it’s definitely time to make the chance to a newer version and put a migration strategy into place.

It could be that your datacentre is only equipped to handle Windows Server 2003 and therefore you’re looking at an upgrade of both software and hardware. Whilst this can seem costly, it will benefit your business in the long run and if you find a recycling partner such at Buy IT Back, you can receive cash for your old server hardware, in exchange for it being resold or responsibly recycled.

Professional Server Hardware Recycling

Within a few months of Windows Server 2003 no longer receiving support it will become a serious security risk and a compliance nightmare for your business. Windows Server 2003 is outdated but for many businesses it has been completely functional and they have seen no need to change but now it has truly become imperative.

Alongside the software change there is bound to be a huge switch in hardware, as a lot of server equipment will need to be recycled. Businesses should take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade but of course, the business still has a responsibility to handle the old equipment responsibly and ensure it is recycled in a way which complies with EU and British recycling film C’est beau la vie quand on y pense

As a professional and experienced server recycling company we specialise in ensuring all unused computers and related hardware are recycled responsibly or alternatively repurpose them and resell them. In every instance we ensure you receive a fee for the value of your equipment and it ensures you get something to put back into your business or put towards the cost of your new server hardware.

As well as ensuring your old server hardware is disposed of responsibly we also ensure that all data has been completely wiped and deleted, guaranteeing the full safety of your data. With a partner like Buy IT Back you can be sure that your datacentre is running in the most effective way and that your old, out of date hardware recoups some of its value.

The end of Windows Server 2003 is just one further stage of Microsoft moving forward and ensuring their business is at the cutting edge of information technology.

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