Moving Offices? Use an IT Recycling Specialist for the Best Return

Moving into a new office space usually corresponds with an upgrade of hardware, systems and servers. Transferring your old equipment is usually a thankless task and you soon find it’s redundant anyway.

Moving office and upgrading at the same time makes good business sense but any canny business person will also recognise to keep costs down. Utilising a specialist IT hardware recycling company ensures you get the best return on your old equipment and you comply with your corporate legal obligations.

Trade In before Trading Up

There is always the option of trading in your equipment with its manufacturer or opting for a dealership. Both these options are commonly used but often leave you in a worse financial position than when you started! The key problems with trade ins include:

  • Being tied to one manufacturer – if you opt for a manufacturer trade in then you’re entirely limited to their branded products which may not be ideal for your new premises’ needs
  • Less for your cash – trade ins typically result in less back for your goods than choosing to sell your items via a dedicated IT buy back scheme
  • Less choice in equipment – as well as being tied into a manufacturer as above you also have a limit when it comes to the quality of equipment available to you. You may find wanting to trade up will also result in higher premiums than you were hoping for
  • Not fit for purpose – a trade in is only a good idea if you’re moving to the same types of equipment. For example, you may be hoping to trade in your oversized on-site server because you’re moving to Cloud Computing and this simply isn’t a possible trade in!

Benefits of IT and Electronic Recycling Specialists

Choosing to have your old IT hardware and equipment handled by a professional IT and electronic recycling specialist will guarantee better results. The methods used by specialist companies like ourselves guarantee the best possible return as we work to resell equipment before any other methods – getting you a higher financial reward.

In addition to this there is no swap involved – if you want to recycle your server then this can be handled and data of course will be securely erased before the data centre is resold, generating a return income for yourself to put towards your new equipment.

Ensuring your old equipment finds a new home, whether broken down for parts, or reused in its current state is a legal obligation and utilising a third party IT recycling specialist guarantees you meet these requirements too.

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