Why a professional Computer Recycling Company is always best

As a business owner it is important you present a professional image and are seen to have high levels of integrity. This instils trust in your customers and ensuring you dispose of old IT equipment and anything you no longer use in a responsible manner reflects on your business too.

If you’re moving offices, upgrading or simply changing a portion of your equipment then it is your duty to ensure your old equipment is disposed of responsibly. If you don’t then you’re contravening Europe-wide regulations which state you legally must dispose of these items in a conscientious way.

According to recycling experts 25% of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) which is taken to recycling centres could actually be reused. Though these figures relate to household WEEE it is highly probably the business statistics are the same. If your old equipment can be reused then rather than simply disposing of it at a recycling centre, you can use the services of a professional company who specialises in IT and electronics recycling.

At Buy I.T. Back we focus solely in this field and work to ensure your unwanted equipment finds a new home and you receive the best possible cash return for your hardware. This is just one of the benefits of working with professionals. Below are some others to keep in mind:

Save Time

Rather than trying to sell your items online or simply passing them onto someone else you can quickly and easily find out how much they’re worth through filling out our asset form. We deliver quick and accurate no-obligation quotes so you know exactly how much cash you may be able to get back.

Save Cash

Rather than having to pay to list your products or have them taken away we pay you for the privilege of selling on your items. As a professional IT recycling specialist we ensure you get the best price for your items and ensure your cash is with you in good time.

Added Security

As specialists in IT recycling we recognise the importance of data security and utilise cutting edge software to ensure sensitive data is 100% removed from all your equipment before it is resold. We can provide secure data erasure or hard disk shredding where required.

Total Peace of Mind

Above all else working with a professional computer recycling company guarantees you peace of mind. The worry of complying with WEEE recycling regulations is removed from your hands as you can be assured the professional company you’re working with operate within guidelines.

If your office is due an upgrade and you have old computer equipment and hardware which needs a new home come to us before heading to the recycling centre. You’ll get a better return and also be safe in the knowledge your equipment has been responsibly recycled.

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