Your Business’ Green Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has become central to many businesses infrastructure. It’s important to show how your business is playing a role in the wider community and how it is accepting its social responsibilities. One of the largest elements of your business’ corporate social responsibility is recycling and though computer recycling is a legal requirement, it’s very easy to do the bare minimum and neglect what could be a key element of your business.

Below are some ways of building your company’s green corporate social responsibility.

Optimise Energy Settings

Most UK work places require computers to function and they can be the biggest consumers of energy in the workplace. Optimise the energy settings on each machine, make it company policy to have energy saving settings in us at all times and ensure a proper shut down at the end of the night. You could do this via the fitting of a power trip or you could simply place trust in your employees. Older computer equipment is unlikely to be efficient and therefore, recycling computers and hardware should be high on your agenda to ensure you have the best possible equipment in terms of energy efficiency as well as general effectiveness.

Go Digital

The more you can digitise, the better. It means you can reduce the need for physical equipment and even trade in your equipment for a cash incentive and make more space. If you choose to utilise cloud storage and services for examples you can recycle servers and related hard drives and hardware in your office. Buy IT Back also ensures that all data from your hardware is permanently erased and your equipment is wiped clean before it is repurposed or recycled.

Be Paper Sensible

There will be things in your office which do require printing but you can still keep your green credentials at the heart of this. You can opt for refillable ink cartridges and you can also look out for paper which has a high percentage of post-consumer content and minimal chlorine bleaching. These are all ethical decisions but more than this, you can avoid printing anything you don’t specifically need to print.

Green Commute

You can begin your green ethics before you even set foot in the office. Cycle, car share or use public transport and you’re setting an example to your employees about the importance of their carbon footprint. You could even go as far as opting for an eco-friendly car or instating an employee cycle programme where bikes can be bought at a discounted price.

These are just some ways your company can work on its green credentials and incorporating them into your general strategy shouldn’t be too difficult.

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