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Are Your Employees The Biggest Data Threat To Your Business?

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With the increasing prevalence of high profile data leaks, many businesses are becoming more and more conscious of the importance of data security to both the operation and reputation of their business.

Many people will assume that the most likely threat will come from super technologically advanced external hackers, who are accessing your information from the comfort of their secret location (bedroom?!), and are motivated by either a desire to expose your companies most confidential information, or with blackmail in mind.

However the majority of company directors will actually say that it is their employees that pose the greatest threat to their data security. Whether it be disgruntled employees trying to get their own back on the company, or simple human error (by far the most common of the two options), it is those who are actually supposed to have access to sensitive information that are the most likely to be the source of a leak.

So what are some of the steps that you can take to protect your company from the extremely negative consequences of a data leak?

Set rigorous protocols

The vast majority of employee based data leaks come from simple human error. So to avoid this ensure that you have simple yet stringent procedures and protocols in place and ensure that people stick to them – often simple systems such as getting someone else to do a final check can catch any mistakes before they happen.

Ensure that you data is fully encrypted

There are many systems out there these days that can very sophistically encrypt data to ensure that even if it can be accessed it can’t actually be read. Also think about taking steps such as regularly changing passwords of using two-step authentication processes when people are logging into data.

Don’t forget data destruction

It can be easy to spend all of your time thinking about how to protect the data that your company holds whilst you are using it, however a vital consideration is what happens to data once you no longer need it, or once the hardware that you are storing it on is ready for an upgrade?

In the latter case engaging the services of a specialist computer recycling and data destruction company is paramount. Companies such as Buy IT Back can take your old computers, servers and other IT and telecoms equipment and using government certified data destruction software, completely eradicate any remaining data, before then reconditioning either the whole unit or it’s component parts to be sold on, or recycling any other parts to the highest environmental standards. And the best thing – they can actually pay you for doing this!

To find out more contact Buy IT Back today.

Top Tips For Choosing A Computer Recycling Company

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As with so many things in life, not all computer recycling companies are created equal. So when it is time for you to upgrade to new equipment, but want to responsibly dispose of your old computing and telecoms hardware what are some of the most important factors to take into consideration?

Is the company WEEE compliant?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (2013) became law in the UK on 1 January 2014 and replaced the WEEE Regulations 2006. These are concerned with the collection, recovery and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, with targets being set for each of these.

In a nutshell this means that all electrical and electronic equipment is classed as hazardous waste and so must be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner so as not to add potentially hazardous waste to the environment. Here at Buy IT Back we were early adopters of the first set of WEEE regulations and continue to be strict followers of the revised 2013 regs. Through this length of experience we understand all of the subtle nuances of the directive and so you can be assured that any electronic equipment that we recycle is done in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

How much equipment actually goes to landfill?

Unfortunately in some cases there are some pieces/components of electronic equipment that cannot be reused or recycled and so may need to go to a final disposal process, such as landfill or incineration. However the amounts that actually end up in landfill etc can vary significantly between different companies. At Buy IT Back we are committed to sending as little material to landfill as possible. Through our nearly 30 years in business we have built up a network of hundreds of avenues for the reuse or component recycling of all types of unwanted computer, IT and telecoms equipment.

Data treatment

Even if you believe that you have thoroughly deleted all of the information on your IT equipment before sending it for recycling, it is likely that traces of data will still remain. In this case it is imperative to have complete trust that the computer recycling company that you have chosen will securely and irreparably delete all data from your equipment before it is recycled or reconditioned. At Buy IT Back we are specialists in data destruction and so you can rest assured that all of your sensitive data will be completely secure.

Are you offered a buy back service?

Many computer recycling companies will charge you for utilising their service, however for many items of unwanted IT and telecoms equipment Buy IT Back are actually able to pay you for these items. This is because once they have been reconditioned they can be sold on, or even their component parts can be resold. It is only through having a long established network of contacts that Buy IT Back are able to find paying homes for some many complete or component parts of unwanted electronic equipment and so are usually able to offer a much more encompassing buy back service than many other computer recycling firms.

To find out more about our extensive buy back service for unwanted computer, IT, telecoms and other electronic equipment, contact Buy IT Back today.

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Computer Equipment?

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At some point all organisations will need to upgrade their computer equipment. This could be every few months, every year or longer, depending on how important it is that you keep up to date with new technology, or depending on available budgets.

But what you should do with your old or redundant IT equipment can be a challenge for many businesses, schools or other organisations. The simple answer is to simply send it all to landfill, however this is not actually as easy as it seems. Therefore recycling your redundant computer equipment is a much more appealing prospect. But what is involved in recycling your old electronics and why should you choose Buy IT Back as your IT equipment recycling specialist?

  • Computers and many other types of electronic equipment are classed as hazardous waste by the UK Environmental Protection Agency and so cannot simply be sent straight to landfill, but must be disposed of following strict guidelines.
  • Even though 99% of the components in most computers and other pieces of IT equipment can be recycled, large numbers of these still end up in landfill each year, which is putting a significant strain on the UK refuse strategy.
  • Many of the components of redundant computer equipment can be reused in the manufacture of new IT products. This not only saves energy through the reduced manufacturing time required, but can also mean that the prices of these new products is lowered.
  • Numerous of the elements required to build new IT equipment are becoming increasingly rare natural resources, therefore recycling existing elements significantly reduces the environmental impact of electronic product production.
  • Many charities, start-ups, social enterprises and other smaller organisations do not have the necessary budget to buy brand new cutting edge IT equipment. However they could still do great things with an older, but still functioning models. Therefore by simply donating your old computer equipment you can be looking after the environment and doing a good thing for someone else at the same time.
  • It is imperative that when disposing of your unwanted IT equipment that your data is completely, securely and professionally deleted. Even if you think that you have erased your data, in many cases traces of it can still remain. However computer recycling specialists such as Buy IT Back can guarantee to fully erase all of your data, before professionally recycling the equipment and its components.

And if that isn’t enough reason for you to trust Buy IT Back with all of your computer and IT equipment recycling requirements – we will also pay you for the privilege!

As we are able to reuse and recycle the vast majority of all of your redundant electronics we are able to buy your old computers and IT equipment off you, thus offsetting some of the cost of your upgrade.

So to find out more about how computer recycling with Buy IT Back is the right choice for you and your organisation, contact us today.

The Importance Of Data Shredding

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As our use of technology grows, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure your hardware and data is secure. Unfortunately, cyber crime is on the increase so we all need to ensure confidential data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

At Buy IT Back, we want to protect your unwanted confidential data from unauthorised use from third parties and minimise the risk to your business. So, whether you’re disposing or recycling old hardware such as redundant servers, PCs, telephones and hard disk drive (HDD) storage, you must follow a safe and reliable disposal method.

Our data erasure and shredding services ensure you adhere to the HMG Infosec5 Enhanced Standard and above, for each HDD you supply to use. By adopting such high standards, as used by the UK Government, we can give you peace of mind when securely erasing and shredding your data.

Why choose Buy IT Back?

We recommend HDD shredding to effectively and securely erase all the relevant data to minimise the risk to your business. At Buy IT Back we offer:

  • A professional and comprehensive service based upon 25 years’ experience.
  • HDD shredding with full certification to ensure your business remains compliant with the relevant legislation.
  • On-site or off-site data shredding based upon your requirements.
  • Highly competitive rates and cost effective services.

Our team of experts can discuss your requirements and inform you of the necessary steps required to provide a hassle-free disposal method for your old data. Plus, we aim to keep the whole process as cost effective as possible, as we will investigate the possibility of offsetting your data erasure costs against the residual value of your hardware.

Trusted products

We want to give you peace of mind that your data is being disposed of in a safe and secure manner. Therefore, we use a range of specific, highly rated products including Blancco, Tabernus and Killdisk Professional.

Alternatively, if you have another software package you would prefer to use, we are more than happy to discuss this with you and adapt to your requirements. Ultimately, we want you to be confident with the solution we provide and ensure we adhere to your company regulations too.

Talk to our experts

Contact us now via email or ring 01621 786860 for further information and to receive a free quote for your data erasure and shredding needs.

Five Reasons Businesses Are Migrating To The Cloud

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing involves the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. Many people don’t even realise they’re using the cloud. Did you know that when you update your Facebook page via your phone, you’re accessing the data via a cloud service?

During recent years cloud computing has become more popular as more and more businesses realise the wide variety of advantages on offer. Here are five reasons on why you should migrate to the cloud and how Buy IT Back can help you.

1. Cost

Cloud computing may reduce the ongoing cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. For example, reductions in the cost of buying specialised hardware and software, physical building space for on-site data servers and equipment.

Increasingly businesses are favouring a ‘pay as you go’ approach, whereby you simply pay for services depending upon your business requirements. Essentially cloud computing offers great value and can release much-needed cash which could be invested in other areas of your business.

2. Speed

Due to the advancements in cloud computing technology huge amounts of data can be accessed via a few clicks. This provides easy access to key data, increases productivity and allows clients to focus on key business decisions rather than IT management issues.

3. Reliability

Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easier and less expensive, because data can be mirrored at a number of sites on the cloud provider’s network.

4. Scale

Business requirements can change rapidly in the marketplace and cloud computing allows you to increase or decrease your computing needs quickly and simply. This means that your computing environment rapidly matches the requirements of your business.

5. Collaboration

Enables your business and employees to communicate and share information more easily. Documents can be kept in a central, cloud-accessible location, so employees can simply access relevant documents from a variety of geographical locations.

How we can help

Buy IT Back provide key services in data centre recycling and can maximise the residual value held in redundant server, HDD storage and network switching hardware. Using our expertise we can guide you through the necessary steps to successfully dispose and recycle your old hardware whilst also maximising its financial value.

Don’t delay, contact us today to find out more about Data Centre Recycling and receive a free quote and realise the potential savings for your business.

Prepare your Business for EU Data Protection Law Changes

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The original EU Data Protection Directive was published in 1995 and the Union have recognised the need to develop a newer directive, in line with the huge developments in technology in the last 20 years. The plan is to have the final regulations produced this year and implement them by 2017.

With this in mind it makes sense to prepare your business for the changes, to avoid any stress concerning cybercrime, data harvesting and other dangerous practices which occur alongside big change. Cybercrime is reported to have increased from 2013 to 2014 so we must be vigilant and ready to act to protect our businesses and customers. Below are three key ways to prepare your business for change.

1. Employee Transparency

Your employees need to be aware of all changes as they happen and you need to keep them abreast of any legislative or regulatory enforcements published by the new EU Directive. Regular internal audits and feedback on these helps to create a vigilant and organised atmosphere. You should also ensure your staff are fully trained in the risk management of data and how to manage and mitigate risks should they occur.

2. Be Consistent

Choosing consistent methods for your business operations when using the internet and online sources is key to keeping a controlled check on things. Narrowing down the ways in which your company shares data and files for example is one way of ensuring they are treated with the protection they deserve. A single system means you only need to secure and concentrate on that system and it is also easier to manage when the changes to the directive are in place.

3. Remain Vigilant with Data Disposal

A good system for the data you need is one thing but you still need to treat old and unneeded data with care and when it comes to disposal, ensure it is carried out in line with company requirements and where sensitive data is involved, the requirements of the bodies mentioned within. When you replace your office equipment or upgrade to a 福汇 new server it is important that your old equipment is recycled effectively but above and beyond that you need to be sure it is wiped clean and your company data is wiped. The risk of leaked data is dangerous to your reputation and can result in many different, negative outcomes from losing customers to providing data access for cyber criminals.

We provide , data erasure using government approved Blancco software and the options available ensure your company policies can be met. Protecting your company data means ensuring it is gone when you say it’s gone and not doing so can leave you in breach of Data Protection guidelines and this is guaranteed to remain the case when the EU Directive is updated.

Top Three Things to Check before Destroying your Data

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When your company upgrades its network, server or even all of the hardware in the office then you need to take careful steps to ensure all of the data on your old equipment is properly wiped and destroyed. This is essential to protect any information from within your business but also to comply with data protection regulations and ensure that your client’s data is kept securely.

Data destruction is a very sensitive issue and when your old equipment is obsolete it is understandable you want to get rid of it and replace it, but you need to be safe in the knowledge it is being done safely and securely, with no evidence of your data imprinted upon it. This is especially true when you choose to use a service where your equipment may be repurposed rather than simply destroyed. Before handing over your IT equipment for recycling consider these three points.

1. Have your Backed Up?

The IT department of your company should ensure the safe and smooth transfer of all necessary files from the old system to your new system and this should ensure that everything is backed up useful site. When it comes to individual employees you may want to send round an email to ensure they have backed up any files they may be keeping on their computers but as a rule in most companies everything is kept on the hosting no ads

2. How Sensitive is your Data?

It could be that only a few of the users on your network actually have any access to sensitive data or it could be that everyone has this access. Data sensitivity is dependent on the individual too, some people may consider their passwords and addresses as important as their financial details and therefore it is important to treat all sensitive data in the same way and ensure nothing, not even a single document is left on your computer when you pass it on for recycling or destruction.

3. How are you going to dispose of your data?

Destroying the data on your computer is not something we recommend doing yourself as it doesn’t matter how many times you fill the recycling bin, there will still be traces of the data there. Using a professional service ensures that every element of the files is removed and at Buy IT Back we utilise blancco software which offers 100% secure data erasure and meets all CESG standards, ensuring all of your equipment is entirely data free, should we sell it on rather than break it down into parts.

We offer both Blancco government approved software for data erasure as well as hard drive shredding, which is sometimes required by company policy. We offer these services with certification and we provide free valuations so you can get a true understanding of how much your old equipment is worth and be sure that there is no trace of your data on any hardware you pass over to us.

Employees the Biggest Threat to Data Security

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The risk of data leaking from the business is one of the biggest fears of many managers and directors buy generic antabuse. Great lengths and protective measures are gone to, to ensure data is protected but a new survey by PHS Data Solutions has shown that the biggest threat to data security, in the case of their study in the public sector, is employees.

The study took on board the opinions of 141 senior public sector managers and related staff and 83% of them stated that employees were the biggest threat to the security of data of all. The study shows how people fear their colleagues more than external hackers and the risks of data security from equipment being incorrectly handled or recycled didn’t seem to factor at all in the results.

A spokesperson for the company who commissioned the survey highlighted the point that ‘internal shredding and storage can increase the risk of records being saved or destroyed incorrectly’ and it is statements like this which add weight to the argument that innovations like cloud computing and off-site data storage solutions are future.

Further than this data security is a key element in the computer recycling business. As the statement above suggests on-site data and hard drive shredding isn’t as safe as using a secure and professional service off-site and therefore opting for a professional is essential. Buy IT Back offers a secure data security and removal service, ensuring all equipment which is given to us for recycling purposes is wiped clean and there is no risk of any data being passed onto future users of the equipment.

Buy IT Back’s data security service involves using the government approved software package Blancco for the removal of all data from hard drives in computers given to us through our recycling service. There is also the further option of hard drive shredding in instances where this is required.

Buy IT Back simply require an asset form for a free evaluation of old equipment and any equipment handed over is done for a fee and then it is recycled or repurposed in a range of different ways. No data will be involved in the recycling or repurposing as it will all be completely cleared to guarantee leaks are removed. The only problem left for businesses then is to decide how their data will be protected in the future and whether a move to the cloud is imminent. Secure information may need to be accessed readily by employees but it should be stored in a way which is unable to be copied, transferred or used in a way which could adversely affect the business.

Data Protection and your Business

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Business data protection exists to ensure customer details, sensitive financial information, sales figures and any other key business information is kept secure and protected. Your company’s data is probably its most valuable asset so legal protection for it is understandable.

Good business data protection ensures information is kept safe and should mean that you comply with all relevant data protection rules and legislation. Your business needs to have good protection in place but also needs safeguards in place in case of a breach.

Data Protection Regulations

The Data Protection Act 1998 is the relevant legislation that your business will need to pay attention to. It applies to all information stored about living individuals and as a business you must follow these specific steps to ensure you are compliant:

  • Tell the Information Commissioner’s Office that you process data
  • Explain to customers/clients how you store their data and give them access to it
  • Give the option of opting out of data being used
  • Maintain the data ensuring it is up to date and secure
  • Only store information for as long as it is required

Good Business Data Protection

To ensure you avoid breaches to the security of your data good business data protection should be practiced. The first step is to identify a secure space for the storage of all your data. This could be on internal network, a cloud storage option or even on business hard drives.

The second step that matters is keeping all your data 100% accurate and up to date. Outdated records are no more useful than having no data at all so a procedure for maintaining and reviewing records should be in place. Duplication’s should also be regularly checked for as mailing customers twice can result in annoyance and unnecessary costs.

As a business you must have procedures in place to ensure data protection breaches are avoided wherever possible, particular when sensitive data is involved. Below are some key measures to consider.

Secure Storage

Limit access user levels to secure data, ensuring only people who genuinely need access to the data are able to view it.

Monitor Data Release

Take precautions with the release of data. This relates to ensuring security checks are carried out before sharing data with customers via the phone or face to face.

Encrypt before Transferring

All data should be securely encrypted before transferring outside of your business. Limiting the risk of leaks.

What happens when you no longer need the data?

There are many instances where you may no longer need customer data or have moved the data elsewhere and need it erased from old hardware. Computer recycling London companies and those across the UK can choose from often includes secure data erasure.

Data erasure ensures no trace of data is left on any hardware you maybe choosing to sell on and hard disc shredding is another option many businesses consider for complete peace of mind.

Data protection breaches can cause a significant negative impact to your business, especially if it was clear there were measures you could have put in place to limit their impact. Ensuring you treat your data with respect and handle it securely, will provide further protection for your business.

The Importance of Data Security and Protection for your Business

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Your business’ data is one of its most valuable assets. It is what connects you to your client base and often they have placed a high degree in trust in you to allow you to keep their data on your files. This means you have to shadowsocks respect it, you have to keep it secure and even if it’s time for an upgrade of your equipment or office space you have to securely and completely ensure every piece of hardware no longer in use is completely clear of all data.

A breach of data security is one sure-fire way to lose a considerable chunk of your customer base. Whether you’re updating all your computer equipment or simply moving from a traditional service to cloud-based storage, the old equipment needs to be recycle and the data, erased completely.

The Risk of Security Breach

Even the smallest piece of data could be enough to affect your customers or employees. Something as seemingly innocuous as an Outlook address book could be used in a malicious way in the wrong hands and therefore should be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

You should be regularly running wipes on all employee computers to ensure data that is used regularly but doesn’t need to be stored on the machine is removed immediately. This will help the machines work more effectively but also further ensures you’re treating client data with the confidentiality it deserves.

Asking employees and even utilising your IT staff to remove data from the computers is just the start however as approved software is the best option. At Buy It Back we use Blancco. Blancco holds a 100% date erasure certification procedure which entirely wipes hard drives to CESG standards – ensuring not even a single megabyte of data remains on the hard drive.

Professional Data Security and Erasure

Utilising a professional company who regularly carry out data erasure gives you the peace of mind you need for your business and your customers. Our professionals perform full hard drive wiping as well as recycling and reselling the hardware. All hardware we buy from you will be checked and in most cases resold, ensuring you get some cash back to put towards new equipment or use for your business in any way you see fit.

Data erasure comes as standard but if you’re looking for a different service there is also the option of hard drive shredding, if your company policy dictates this is necessary. All our hard drive shredding services come with certification as a batch or serial numbers for individual items.

Taking your business to the next level and keeping your equipment up to date is essential but ensure your disposal process is secure enough to protect your customers’ data and security rights.

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