Employees the Biggest Threat to Data Security

The risk of data leaking from the business is one of the biggest fears of many managers and directors buy generic antabuse. Great lengths and protective measures are gone to, to ensure data is protected but a new survey by PHS Data Solutions has shown that the biggest threat to data security, in the case of their study in the public sector, is employees.

The study took on board the opinions of 141 senior public sector managers and related staff and 83% of them stated that employees were the biggest threat to the security of data of all. The study shows how people fear their colleagues more than external hackers and the risks of data security from equipment being incorrectly handled or recycled didn’t seem to factor at all in the results.

A spokesperson for the company who commissioned the survey highlighted the point that ‘internal shredding and storage can increase the risk of records being saved or destroyed incorrectly’ and it is statements like this which add weight to the argument that innovations like cloud computing and off-site data storage solutions are future.

Further than this data security is a key element in the computer recycling business. As the statement above suggests on-site data and hard drive shredding isn’t as safe as using a secure and professional service off-site and therefore opting for a professional is essential. Buy IT Back offers a secure data security and removal service, ensuring all equipment which is given to us for recycling purposes is wiped clean and there is no risk of any data being passed onto future users of the equipment.

Buy IT Back’s data security service involves using the government approved software package Blancco for the removal of all data from hard drives in computers given to us through our recycling service. There is also the further option of hard drive shredding in instances where this is required.

Buy IT Back simply require an asset form for a free evaluation of old equipment and any equipment handed over is done for a fee and then it is recycled or repurposed in a range of different ways. No data will be involved in the recycling or repurposing as it will all be completely cleared to guarantee leaks are removed. The only problem left for businesses then is to decide how their data will be protected in the future and whether a move to the cloud is imminent. Secure information may need to be accessed readily by employees but it should be stored in a way which is unable to be copied, transferred or used in a way which could adversely affect the business.

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