Prepare your Business for EU Data Protection Law Changes

By June 2, 2015Data Destruction, News

The original EU Data Protection Directive was published in 1995 and the Union have recognised the need to develop a newer directive, in line with the huge developments in technology in the last 20 years. The plan is to have the final regulations produced this year and implement them by 2017.

With this in mind it makes sense to prepare your business for the changes, to avoid any stress concerning cybercrime, data harvesting and other dangerous practices which occur alongside big change. Cybercrime is reported to have increased from 2013 to 2014 so we must be vigilant and ready to act to protect our businesses and customers. Below are three key ways to prepare your business for change.

1. Employee Transparency

Your employees need to be aware of all changes as they happen and you need to keep them abreast of any legislative or regulatory enforcements published by the new EU Directive. Regular internal audits and feedback on these helps to create a vigilant and organised atmosphere. You should also ensure your staff are fully trained in the risk management of data and how to manage and mitigate risks should they occur.

2. Be Consistent

Choosing consistent methods for your business operations when using the internet and online sources is key to keeping a controlled check on things. Narrowing down the ways in which your company shares data and files for example is one way of ensuring they are treated with the protection they deserve. A single system means you only need to secure and concentrate on that system and it is also easier to manage when the changes to the directive are in place.

3. Remain Vigilant with Data Disposal

A good system for the data you need is one thing but you still need to treat old and unneeded data with care and when it comes to disposal, ensure it is carried out in line with company requirements and where sensitive data is involved, the requirements of the bodies mentioned within. When you replace your office equipment or upgrade to a 福汇 new server it is important that your old equipment is recycled effectively but above and beyond that you need to be sure it is wiped clean and your company data is wiped. The risk of leaked data is dangerous to your reputation and can result in many different, negative outcomes from losing customers to providing data access for cyber criminals.

We provide , data erasure using government approved Blancco software and the options available ensure your company policies can be met. Protecting your company data means ensuring it is gone when you say it’s gone and not doing so can leave you in breach of Data Protection guidelines and this is guaranteed to remain the case when the EU Directive is updated.

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