The Importance of Data Security and Protection for your Business

Your business’ data is one of its most valuable assets. It is what connects you to your client base and often they have placed a high degree in trust in you to allow you to keep their data on your files. This means you have to shadowsocks respect it, you have to keep it secure and even if it’s time for an upgrade of your equipment or office space you have to securely and completely ensure every piece of hardware no longer in use is completely clear of all data.

A breach of data security is one sure-fire way to lose a considerable chunk of your customer base. Whether you’re updating all your computer equipment or simply moving from a traditional service to cloud-based storage, the old equipment needs to be recycle and the data, erased completely.

The Risk of Security Breach

Even the smallest piece of data could be enough to affect your customers or employees. Something as seemingly innocuous as an Outlook address book could be used in a malicious way in the wrong hands and therefore should be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

You should be regularly running wipes on all employee computers to ensure data that is used regularly but doesn’t need to be stored on the machine is removed immediately. This will help the machines work more effectively but also further ensures you’re treating client data with the confidentiality it deserves.

Asking employees and even utilising your IT staff to remove data from the computers is just the start however as approved software is the best option. At Buy It Back we use Blancco. Blancco holds a 100% date erasure certification procedure which entirely wipes hard drives to CESG standards – ensuring not even a single megabyte of data remains on the hard drive.

Professional Data Security and Erasure

Utilising a professional company who regularly carry out data erasure gives you the peace of mind you need for your business and your customers. Our professionals perform full hard drive wiping as well as recycling and reselling the hardware. All hardware we buy from you will be checked and in most cases resold, ensuring you get some cash back to put towards new equipment or use for your business in any way you see fit.

Data erasure comes as standard but if you’re looking for a different service there is also the option of hard drive shredding, if your company policy dictates this is necessary. All our hard drive shredding services come with certification as a batch or serial numbers for individual items.

Taking your business to the next level and keeping your equipment up to date is essential but ensure your disposal process is secure enough to protect your customers’ data and security rights.

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